Photos: Parul Sharma

Text: Guardian20

These images are from Parulscape, a forthcoming architectural photography exhibition by Parul Sharma. Sharma is one of India’s foremost communications professionals and has been photographing urban landscape for the past two years. Her black and white photos capture the stark tonal beauty of lines and angles that imbue the contemporary architecture of various cities.  She calls her portfolio “Parulscape”—an alternative world, which is the result of her many travels and encounters.

Sharma seeks poetry in the stillness of spaces and shadows, in the geometry of structures and objects. According to the photographer, “In stillness I saw movement. In structures I saw patterns. In shadows I saw light. When a world filtered through a lens unfolded before me, everything I took for granted assumed a rare patina of life. The asymmetry of everydayness collapsed and a layered alternative emerged in the mesmerising rawness of black and white. It led me further to explore the realm where every object is a text and every space abandoned by our casualness is a context. I still travel alone in those spaces, enchanted by the perpetual shadow play. I look for stories in the muted shades I pass by every day.”

Her debut exhibition of photographs will be on display at Bikaner House in New Delhi from28 July to 30 July.


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