Photos & text: National Gallery of Modern Art 

These samples come from an ongoing exhibition, entitled Songs of the Uncaged Bird, showcasing works of art by 20 women artists from the collection of Delhi’s National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA). This exhibition started at the NGMA on 8 March, Women’s Day, to recall the achievements of women artists who have contributed to the artistic landscape of the modern and contemporary phases in India.

Women artists have explored and worked in many mediums, some have even pioneered whole genres. The themes they work with are eclectic, beyond the feminine presence, but with a feminine sensitivity and rigour. Considering this, the whole body of work that the women artists in India have produced is immense. Thus, this exhibition focuses on some significant works of such women artists who have carved a niche for women in the field of visual arts to explore, innovate and contribute in the diverse visual languages of expression.  Their visual modes may be subtle and simple, sometimes direct and bold, but the expressions are clear, loud and powerful.

Songs of the Uncaged Bird is on view at National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi till 20 March.