Let’s start with the basics. It takes two to tango on Valentine’s. So, if you don’t have a date yet this popular mobile matchmaking app is here to your rescue!

Tinder:This new age app uses geo-location technology to offer you a horde of potential singles to choose from in your vicinity for that spontaneous date!It is set up in such an addictive way that can have you swiping for hours looking through profiles of people you might be interested in. Plus, it places a premium on privacy and minimal emotional investment, as it banks mostly on physical attraction to get a pair to meet up. Get on to this quick and convenient app available on Apple and Android. Already popular in India, simply explore through for helpful suggestions and get set for an exciting date ahead! 

It is the day to express your feelings through a thoughtful gift to those who give meaning to your life. Of course, the greatest gift is sharing your heart with your spouse, partner, girl friend or boy friend, but only love is not enough! Gift something this Valentine’s and do it a little differently — from the ease of your armchair.

Shopsity:if you are worried about traipsing through a 1000 stores to find that one gift, here’s an app to Save your time and money with Shopsity, an app that connects you to lifestyle retailers in your vicinity. Couples can see the complete catalogue of the store, what is selling nearby, including photos, sizes, price and offers, and then decide which store to go for.  So choose a gift without breaking in to a sweat with Shopsity this V-Day.

Missed out on restaurant bookings for that special V-Day dinner date with your partner? Here’s a quick way to turn your home into a restaurant and treat him or her to a memorable meal.

Bite Club: Why go out when you can dine in, says Bite Club — a Gurgaon-based chef-designed virtual restaurant that gets you home-styled food to your doorstep. Do up your dining area with the glow of candlelight and dulcet music to provide the ideal backdrop. Dig into an appetizing spread of veg, non-veg and desserts that are available on Bite Club to make the evening a memorable one while making your date feel “right at home”!

Feeling like a romantic long drive after that gorgeous meal? Here are some places you can book a car for that night out.

Omair Ahmad is a Delhi-based writer, still making up for being a failed science student. His last book was Kingdom at the Centre of the World: Journeys into Bhutan (Aleph, 2013).

Droom: Droom is the perfect motorplace one might be looking for. If you want to make it big for your love, just buy anything that you like from Droom be it a Car, bike, scooter or even an Aircraft!

Revv Car: For those who are looking for privacy when they go out for a nice long drive, Revv offers Luxury Self-drive cars like an AudiA3 or an AudiQ3 at a price which is cheaper than a taxi. The major plus over here is that it will offer the privacy and the feel of one’s own car.

If you guys are looking for entertainment, here are places to find it:

Giftxoxo: This can be your destination for all unique experiences like an adventure sports or a tour / getaway or accompanying them to the thing they enjoy doing the most.

Cinepolis VIP: Cinepolis VIP offers just the perfect ambience for a Valentines movie date with your mate. An ultimate movie-watching experience on recliner seats is what Cinepolis can offer!

And, a way to do all of the above smartly without burning a hole in your pocket is to check out the following:

Groupon: Whether dining out, taking off for a getaway or simply buying a gift, make sure you save more than a penny with Groupon. This is an app that makes shopping a breeze without denting your pocket with sizeable discounts on everything on offer. The app is city-specific, and you can see all the offers available nearby on Beauty and Spa, Shopping, Dining etc. So feel extravagant without blowing up your bank balance with Groupon.

Wally: Another app that helps you keep a tab on your V-Day spends is Wally. Wally lets you log the details of your expenses like amount, venue, time, category, notes, and photos of receipts. You can do so manually, or let Wally  do it automatically with its InstaScan feature. It can even attach photos and tag friends to capture the people and moments associated with your expense. The app is available on Android and iPhone and is a must have for shopaholics. So don’t let your wallet burn out with a little help from Wally.


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