A revolutionary fitness app, FITSO, has been launched on World Health Day by IIT Delhi alumni, Saurabh Aggarwal, as a way of contribution towards Prime Minister Modi’s digital India mission. The high-tech app is said to help people achieve their fitness goals by connecting with others who have shared interests and by participating in fitness related activities happening around them.

The app will aid one with personal trainers and dieticians 24 hours round the clock to make suggestions regarding calorie requirements so that one can customise one’s workouts. FITSO will accurately track one’s walks, jogs, runs and rides and allow one to share photos, stories and the highlights of one’s activities with friends.

FITSO app is available for both Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms users.

Besides GPS tracking facility, FITSO has some excellent features, one such feature being something called ‘Leader board’ that promotes healthy competition among users through a gamification module of levels to keep a user motivated in leveling up against other fitness enthusiasts.

This revolutionary app aims to promote a healthier lifestyle through group activities for the users to stay motivated on their mission to achieve fitness. Even for beginners who want to start running, or those willing to remain active in general can put FITSO app to the best of their use. Through this app, a user can also hire a personalized coach at a nominal cost, starting from 500 rupees.

While introducing the app, Saurabh Aggarwal who is the managing partner of FITSO, said, “It is heartening that even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also very much concerned about the fitness of all the citizens of the country.  Only healthy people can make our country’s roots stronger. Taking into consideration that we are a country with the maximum number of young people, we should never ignore the importance of fitness in our lives.”

“I take this opportunity to thank our honourable Prime Minister for encouraging us to think beyond the conventional approach and provide us an opportunity to contribute towards transforming Young India into Fit India with the help of our revolutionary app FITSO which has been customised according to Indian lifestyle,” he added.

“With this most desirable app, we have intended to empower every individual to meet their health goals and maximise their precious fitness time, since FITSO allows users to workout smarter by cutting down time and helping them get straight to the exact workout they desire. Once they hit their stride, the immediate gratification of seeing calories burned pushes them to meet their goals, and when done, their stats are automatically recorded on their smart phones,” said Aggarwal.

With its motto “art for everyone”, the festival aims to make art accessible to the masses in the public domain. It is also an attempt to encourage people’s engagement with steet art.
— Saurabh Aggarwal

IIT Delhi alumni and an Ironman athlete himself, Saurabh Aggarwal has brought in this app to promote a healthier lifestyle throughout the country. With the help of FITSO, users can check details about activities, events, and participate in them by tapping a simple button ‘Join’.When connected with the app, FITSO allows users to set their target goals and see distance covered in real-time on their smart phone screens.  While doing workouts, exercisers are also motivated by watching their regular progress and the target that they need to achieve. FITSO takes the training to the next level, as with the help of this app, the exercisers can set up and save workout routines. They also have the option to share their results on Facebook and connect with friends. The exercisers can take advantage of their personal trainer’s expertise simultaneously through its ‘consult’ an expert feature, which allows trainers to customise and send personalized workouts to clients, who can then track and be guided by experts. In addition, trainers can receive the workout results report after a workout is complete so that they can keep their clients motivated and on track.The consumers can use FITSO app to track miles and time spent running outside with the GPS feature. Whether running outside or using strength equipment, users also have the option to manually enter workouts for additional tracking.

 Being a one-stop destination to cater all fitness needs, FITSO facilitates modern and effective ways to keep one fit without losing extra time. With its unique and ideal services, FITSO is here to make fitness nothing but an addictive experience for you.With its ability to connect fitness enthusiasts together, FITSO makes fitness a more social experience, providing extra motivation to those training alone.


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