The latest show at Mumbai’s Cosmic Heart Gallery, titled Amalgamation, is in association with Sir J.J. School of Art. In this show the students pursuing a Masters degree in fine arts from the Sir J.J. School of Art are showcasing beautiful artworks. The works are on sale at the gallery. Amalgamation—a confluence of art, ideas and sentiments translated powerfully by the masters in making, is a must visit show.

After a rigorous selection process, from thousands of applicants only 12 artists are chosen for this exhibition. They come from small towns like Pali in Raigad, Halyal in Kolhapur, Salshirambe in Satara, Thakarwadi in Nanded and other places all across India with a passion to create meaningful artworks. These student artists come from humble backgrounds with a desire to improve their lives through their art and are thrilled at the opportunity to have a show dedicated to them at the Cosmic Heart Gallery. One participating artist is deaf-mute yet expresses himself clearly through his art.  

This show is an acknowledgement to the incredible ability and creativity of these students. The exhibition showcases the works of Anil Chouhan, Chandrakant Halyal, Chetan Pashilkar, Divya Ramrecha, Prakash Gaikwad, Rutuja Divekar, Suraj Lohar and Vaishnavi Naik. “Cosmic Heart Gallery is doing some incredibly good work. We are very happy about working together and our children are receiving a very good platform through Cosmic Heart Gallery. This is a great opportunity for the students. We look forward to associating on many such programs and exhibitions with this gallery in the future.” says Professor Vishwanath D. Sabale, Dean, Sir J.J. School of Art.

Cosmic Heart Gallery has successfully hosted & partnered with over 90 meaningful events in a short span of five years. “I had organised a program at Wilson College that was attended by 5,000-7,000 students. The Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University Shri Sanjay Deshmukh was very impressed & said that he would get Sir J.J. School of Art to collaborate & work closely with Cosmic Heart Gallery. At Cosmic Heart we believe in providing a platform for talent, so the synergies are perfect. I am very excited to host this show at the gallery”, says  Jalpa H. Vithalani, Creative Head and Director, Cosmic Heart Gallery.

The show is on view till 28 February


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