India proudly boasts of artists that have not only significantly changed the historic course of Indian art but also managed to get the country acclaimed internationally amongst its foreign counterparts. To ensure and accentuate this speed of growth, there are relentless conglomerates that influence the process of achieving this. Etching an imprint of individuality and vision is online auction house AstaGuru.

AstaGuru will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, by doing what it does best, curating a one of its kind auction of Modern Indian Art which will take place on 26 and 27 March at Astagur’s website. Needless to say, each work that has been included in this stellar auction has been handpicked based not only on its artistic sustainability but also its rarity and significance, such as Arpita Singh’s largest work till date and the artistic journey of S. H. Raza between the 1950s through the 1970s, three distinctive works by the master from various time periods are part of this auction.

Nestled in Kala Ghoda, the quaint and historic art district at the heart of Mumbai, AstaGuru has steadily managed to set aside some rather challenging goals for itself and eventually succeeded in achieving them by breaking records and broadening the reach of Indian art with each passing auction. AstaGuru has successfully managed to construct and function on a sound business model that has a fresh outlook towards what it offers in order to showcase its various artefacts, whether art, collectibles or luxury items to its ever expanding global clientele. What also sets it apart is that not only do they adhere to the demands and needs of their current market, they also work on developing a strong market analysis based on current and future estimations.

Dreamers, 1950, by Ram Kumar.

Standing at the helm of it all is Tushar Sethi, the CEO of AstaGuru. Founded in 2008, AstaGuru gauged the art market and its rapidly rising potential to establish a stronger foothold in the global market. At the time of its conception, AstaGuru focused solely on various mediums of art such as paintings, sculptures and installations, however with the knowledge and industrial knowhow gained since its conception, they have diversified into various verticals such as vintage jewellery, rare artefacts and collectibles.

AstaGuru has successfully linked prospective buyers and consignors without any geographical constraints owing to their online business module. With a keen eye and well researched knowledge on current and future trends, Astaguru continues to manifest Indian Art globally and aides the establishment of a conducive environment that spurts its growth. 

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