he Delhi based gallery Art Alive has brought together a collection of sculptures by 16 contemporary Indian artists. The exhibition has a mix of all genres and includes works by eminent artists like Sakti Burman, Laxma Goud, KS Radhakrishnan, S Nandagopal, as well as contemporary works by Paresh Maity, Sujata Bajaj, Dimpy Menon, Jayasri Burman, Narayan Chandra, Apurva Desai, amongst others. The exhibition also features works of young artists like Nagesh Goud, Shashi K Paul, Ashish Das, Subrata Paul giving audience an opportunity to explore the sculptures by different genres.

The show features works in the medium of bronze, fiberglass, ceramic and wood All the works exhibited in the show have a distinctive style, language and concept.

The artist Laxma Goud’s raw and vivacious portrayal of men and women in bronze exudes the rustic, albeit fascinating Indian ethos rather than stressing upon any specific individual identity.

Here the audience can see painter Jayasri Burman’s bronze sculptures which are an extension of her paintings. Her concern for women is quite evident in her paintings and sculptures. She desires to see her women content in partaking in the bounties of life. “The name of my sculpture presented at the show is Pushpita which means a flower and it is a common name for girls. Through this sculpture I want to convey that the girls should be looked after and nurtured properly just like a flower. The calmness and beautiful girl should be well cared for.

Jayasri, a painter first has started exploring the sculpture as a medium from ten years now. “I actually loved sculpture. As this is not my medium so learning every new intricate detail about it was an enjoyable process.”

Eminent artist Sakti Burman’s journey to sculpting solid forms is a shift from his usual artistic expression which is oil paintings with unique multi-coloured surface textures. The sculptures cast in bronze are figurative forms, depicting men and animals in various poses.

Young artist Narayan Sinha creation, “Man, Machine & Nature” inspires from nature and executed with man-made machine “horns” to create a flower. He tries to show human relation with nature in all aspects of life.

Painter, metal worker and ceramist turned into a sculptor, Nandagopal magically transforms our strong traditional roots into a super-contemporary idiom that is uniquely his own.  His figures mostly resemble deities from Hindu mythology, but his themes are very contemporary.

The curator Sunaina Anand talks to Guardian 20 about the idea behind this show. She says, “I was planning to do a focused sculpture show from a long time. The idea behind this show was to bring together a mix of sculptors from all genres that have a distinctive style and concept.”

Anand chose the artists based on their distinctive style for the exhibition. She says, “The idea is to show some young sculptors with the well known artists and to give them a platform to showcase their works. The artists were selected on the basis of the concept of their work and their distinctive style.”

The show goes on till 15 September at Art Alive Gallery


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