Fit, Trim and Disease-Free: The Secrets of Good Health

Dr RK Suneja

Rupa Publications

Pages: 172

Price: Rs. 195

As per publishers health and wellness is one of the bestselling genres in the world of books these days. A visit to the nearest bookstore will make you realise how true that is. Non-fiction books on illness and health can be seen to populate the most heavily stacked sections at an average bookstore. No wonder, for in a generally unheathly society, such as ours, books on good health tend to clock great readership figures.

Dr R. K. Suneja in his new book Fit, Trim and Disease-Free: The Secrets of Good Health, talks about all that is needed to be in the pink of health, and lead an active life free from stress and disease, in a concise but wide-ranging manner.

The book talks about the right diet, body weight control, stress management, exercise, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, diabetes, cancer, sexual health, osteoporosis, vitamins and health supplements, health check-ups and vaccinations in 13 detailed and well-explained chapters.

Each chapter is further divided into small sections that in a very comprehensive manner explain every aspect of the subject being discussed. In short, this work can be a person’s perfect handbook on wellness. But again, it’s not the first such book to do so and won’t be the last, so it’s up to the reader to imbibe as much as he/she can in order to attain a healthy lifestyle.

From calculation of the right body-mass index to selecting the right diet, the book covers it all, including the currently trending food regimes like the Atkins and South Beach diets. The chapter on cancer again explains how to avoid certain forms of the disease by bringing in a bit of change in our day-to-day lives. It doesn’t only explain topics like stress, blood pressure, diabetes, but also informs the readers on why these conditions are not to be taken lightly, and should be urgently followed by steps to either avoid or
manage them.

Now almost all the chapters in the book, especially the ones talking about the different diseases, will manage to freak you out initially, but once you finish reading, you will realise that these very freaky chapters will act as the catalyst that will get you to pay more attention to your personal health.

One of the biggest problems and one of the biggest reasons for many of the diseases known to mankind is today has to do with unhealthy lifestyle. No matter how much we avoid or neglect this truth, we can rest assured that we will be bearing the consequences at some point of time in our lives unless we change the way we live today.  

Fit, Trim and Disease-Free can be your guide on how best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, Dr Suneja, who earlier penned a book titled Baby and Child Care, is a medical consultant with enough clinical experience behind him to make him more than worthy of your trust.


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