Indian aviation companies are offering discounts in order to cope with the shortage of passengers, which is common in the February to April period. Indigo Airlines, which boasts the position of India’s biggest passenger carrier, will offer discounts in the fares on some of its routes. As a result, the fare for a one-way ticket from Mumbai to Delhi on an Indigo Airlines flight is now available for Rs 2,010.

Similarly, SpiceJet, one of India’s well known low-cost carriers also announced tickets for about Rs 2,000 to people who book tickets from 11 January to 13 January. Interestingly, one of India’s biggest and best known airlines, Jet Airways, which has been in talks with Middle-Eastern carriers Etihad for a stake sale, did not reduce the prices for the tickets. Jet’s prices remain much higher than the others in the industry.

According to industry experts, GoAir and Air India, should also be announcing discounts in the coming weeks.

Apart from Spicejet, no other airline has talked about a specific time period for which the discounts would be available.

Airfares in India have been on the higher side since May 2012. As a result, the demand has fallen on the passenger’s side and continued falling. The fares had risen after the Kingfisher Airline crisis.

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