New Delhi: Euronics has effectively brought a change in how public places deal with sanitization in India. In a Q&A session, Viknesh Jain, CEO and MD, Euronics, talked about the company and its evolution. Excerpts:
Q: What was your inspiration behind this unique business idea?
A: Euronics has given me an opportunity to drive in change where it was lacking. I found out that there was a dire need for automated equipment especially in a country like India where public washrooms and maintaining hygiene was a big issue. Back in the day, this industry had not fully discovered the wonders of touchless equipment in the washrooms. Euronics has effectively brought change in how public places deal with sanitization.
The business originated from the idea of revolutionizing the way public hygiene is perceived in India and adding a touch of technology. identified some critical problems that the market is facing and decided to solve these problems with the help of virtual reality technology, which we developed in-house & established the brand in the process. In 2019, we started international operations with the vision of replicating our domestic success to other countries. The main goal behind the inception of Euronics was to make the automatic and touch-less equipment more accessible & affordable for the masses to readily bring in change.
Q: Describe the newly launched line of anti-Covid-19 accessories and their importance during the pandemic. How are they manufactured?
A: Euronics, the largest selling public washroom automation accessory brand in India. Since pandemic hygiene is now an important part of our daily lives. We are now working to make sure that we all live a contactless experience so that we touch less surfaces in order to avoid the spread of the virus. At this point of time, it is important to make these changes in your lifestyle. Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, whether you’re looking for disease control measures to prevent Covid-19 transmission or a way to help to combat the regular flu season, a touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser can help minimize exposure in your facility. Euronics Automatic Soap Dispensers is a touchless device, which helps to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between repeated uses. This is the reason that so many public and shared spaces have automatic liquid soap dispensers in the restrooms. With hundreds of people using these facilities, the possibility for infection and disease are higher. Euronics automatic hand wash dispenser does not require any form of contact to dispense soap.
The Euronics shoe cover dispensing machine reduces the manual time by as much as 74% and aids in quick and hassle free wearing of shoe covers. In a medical facility like a hospital, a wide range of hazardous contaminants stick on your shoes. These shoe cover dispenser machines allow the users to apply the shoe covers quickly and efficiently without doing it manually or slowing down for the same. It is well-known that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light of certain wavelengths, intensities, and durations can destroy or inhibit growth of surface pathogens. UV disinfection systems are often smaller and easier to use than conventional systems, with affordable capital and operational costs. Euronics’ UV Sole Sanitizing machine is designed to eliminate the short time necessary for UVC bulbs to reset, so that it is 100% effective every time it’s used.
Workplace Sanitizing Machine is capable of killing pathogens at a large scale on any solid surface. After every spray, the droplets remain suspended in the air, therefore, increasing the contact time with the microbe. The machine can readily sanitize large spaces in no time and ensure the prevention of transmission after a gathering. Wall-Mount Thermometer, this can be easily fitted to a wall and is suitable for industries, office, school, colleges, railway station or any large gathering place. Best thing about a wall mounted digital thermometer is that it is a non contact one. It involves zero touching. Thermometer With Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has a novel design. The temperature sensor and the liquid outlet design are combined into one. You only need to align the thermometer probe and the liquid outlet with the palm of your hand. At the same time, it detects the temperature and automatically releases the hand sanitizer without touching the skin. It effectively reduces the spread of bacteria. The mantra of the brand’s success has been innovation and the use of technology in all processes. This positions them as the front runner in germ free accessories.
Q: Sustainability goals are critical for all businesses in today’s day and age. How are Euronics products aiding in this noble cause?
A: Sustainability is now a part of our living and we are influenced to think of it with every purchase we make. From global organisations to local bodies everyone has switched to sustainable products in the past years. It has made us prioritise the use of natural and renewable resources instead of creating waste and depleting our natural resources and protecting our future generations.
Green buildings are the new normal and also each construction is now certified by the Ministry of Environment. Hence it is integral to take small steps starting from our own surroundings. Euronics has a range of washroom accessories that would help you achieve these goals.
Q: The Ministry of Environment is giving green buildings its support. How is Euronics assisting the government in this move?
A: When it comes to being environmentally responsible, Euronics did not fail to do its bit. Our manufacturing process is carefully to make it environment friendly and prevent any extra constraint on the atmosphere. We make sure that our office functions while keeping sustainability in mind. Our facility manager works hard to keep any wastage of resources in check. Euronics has launched a series of sustainable products that can help an organization to cut its operational cost while consuming minimum resources. They are tried and tested by their own employees who prefer to use them at their own workplace. Apart from this, the employees are always motivated to adopt the habit of saving resources and contributing towards the common goal.
Q: Workspaces and public spaces are opening up and now is the right time to ensure that washrooms have anti-Covid accessories. What are Euronics’ plans to keep washrooms hygienic and contactless in the future?
A: Public health experts, designers and architects reckon that the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the fundamental flaws in the design of public toilets, which may engender a second wave of coronavirus and a series of novel epidemics. The innovation of future designs, structures must be based on infection control measures with the increase of the involvement of disease experts in construction of projects. Clean booths, designer exits and service personnel that do not require manual contact will be the new trend.
As a brand that cares about the environment, Euronics is continuously launching new products which are versatile, sustainable, automatic and contact-less. Our range of covid accessories guarantees any spreading of virus as they are carefully designed for a post-pandemic world. We were the first to recognize that the consumer is much more vocal about hygiene.
Q: In a post-pandemic world, are digital advertisements and e-commerce integral for businesses? What sort of initiatives has the brand taken towards this end?
A: Euronics has been leveraging the power of digital marketing since the beginning. We believe that Google and Euronics have kind of grown together. The initial focus was entirely on google ads, but after 2015 we have actively focused on other platforms like Linkedin.
The mantra of our success has largely been innovation & the use of technology in all processes. They have believed in nurturing and developing the in-house IT team who have been instrumental in building ERP, CRM & Mobile apps for Euronics.
Data analytics, artificial intelligence combined with digital marketing have helped us achieve 30% annualised growth in past years.