The global economy is witnessing headwinds and is likely to lead to slower growth rates in most of the worlds economies. This in turn is likely to lessen the pace of economic growth in this year and might stretch into 2020. At the same time, the business environment is undergoing restructuring due to financial and regulatory factors. The cumulative effect of the above changes is having an impact on the markets and giving customers more choice and options. Even large business leaders and technologists are struggling to identify the right emerging trends. To compete better, smart corporates are adopting and positioning their businesses based on their customer experiences and constant feedback. Enterprises are leaning towards Business Process Management (BPM)  firms like Hinduja Global Solutions, which can provide value-driven technology led outsourcing model to meet their needs. The BPM industry is leveraging digital services to disrupt traditional models and drive higher value for clients. India’s share has been rising steadily over the last decade, as BPM providers focus on providing services at higher price points. Exports have remained the key driver in a market that is slowly shifting towards new revenue streams and platform solutions. In exports, emerging markets are driving the growth, though the US and UK continue to remain the largest markets. It is expected that consumer, healthcare and retail will generate big opportunities going forward for Indian IT companies. Banking and financial services , retail chains and telecom, which are driving domestic demand for outsourcing and companies like Hinduja Global Solutions, are expected to benefit immensely. The company posted robust revenue growth for Q2FY2020 driven by demand across healthcare and consumer services vertical. Revenue increased by 11.4% to Rs 1,290 crores for the quarter under review from Rs 1,158 crores in the July-September period a year ago. Net profit rose by 9.7% to Rs 49 crores as against Rs 44 crores for the same period of the last fiscal. The Government has been stepping up digitisation through its various initiatives and the domestic IT industry is likely to see the government spend a lot of money and emerge as an important customer. Companies like Hinduja Global expect the demand to come from e-governance related projects initiated by the government. The Hinduja Global Solutions stock quoting at Rs 618 can be accumulated by investors for a stable portfolio perspective. Analysts expect the stock to appreciate by 15% in the next six months horizon .

Rajiv Kapoor is a share broker, certified mutual fund expert and MDRT insurance agent.