Imports of arms and ammunition parts and accessories rose over 1,500% till June this year compared to last year.


India still imports over 41 of 96 major items from China, and there has been an increase in imports of arms and ammunition parts and accessories from China to the tune of more than 1500% till June this year compared to last year. This startling fact has emerged after Pune-based civil rights activist Prafful Sarda sought information from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry about details of imports of goods with values, traded between India and China. The data provided by the Department of Commerce shows that imports of arms and ammunition parts and accessories were to the tune of Rs 3.24 lakh last year and this year till June, it has been Rs 52.3 lakh, an increase of over 1,500%.

Sarda said: “I am shocked and surprised to see the numbers which I have got from the Ministry of Commerce. One the one hand, our Army is protecting the borders and we as a nation increased our imports from China which is trying to acquire our land. We have increased our imports from China, especially of arms and ammunition parts and accessories by over 1500%. Is this our new master plan to fight with China?”

Among the 41 out of the 96 major items imported from China, the growth in imports in some cases has been over 200% and going up to 5,400%. Among all these products, the maximum growth in imports has been seen of live animals.

In all of these products, the maximum import in growth is seen in live animals. Imports seen in live animals was Rs 0.11 lakh in 2018-19 and in 2019-2020, it was Rs 6.09 lakhs. Next was arms and ammunition, parts and accessories, after which growth of imports was seen in beverages, spirits and vinegar.  Some other major important growth numbers compared to data from 2018-2019 are: Live animals growth is 5436.36%; fish and other aquatic invertebrates 179.11%; products of animal origin is 94.66%; edible fruits and nuts, peel or citrus fruit–89.49%; vegetable planting material, vegetable products is 74.01%; preparation of meat, fish and other products 59.48%; beverages, spirit is and vinegar, 394%; tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes, 327.24%;  raw hides and skins and leather 51.3%;  Nickel and articles thereof, 92.80%; lead and articles thereof 318.14%; aircraft, spacecraft and parts thereof 56.34%; arms and ammunition parts and accessories 1,514.20%; works of art collectors, pieces and antiques, 1,344.95% and miscellaneous goods 203.80%.

Sarda said that India’s trade balance is in the negative which clearly indicates that India’s imports are rising, while exports are going down. “India is talking about electric cars and bikes and we are dependent on China for nickel and lead articles. On the one hand, the government talks about banning tobacco and its products and, on the other hand, we are importing huge amount of products from China. Even when it comes to live animals, we are dependent on China and the import percentage is at a peak. Even for aircraft and spacecraft parts, we are dependent on China and imports increased by 57%. India is also importing huge amounts of beverages and spirits and it’s growing every year.”