New Delhi: Kiehl’s was founded as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village neighborhood. Its unique, extensive background represents a blend of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, herbal, and medicinal knowledge developed and advanced through the generations. Santosh Kumar, DGM, Kiehl’s India, elaborated on various aspects in this Q&A. Excerpts:
Q: Please elaborate on the Kiehl’sXCry collaboration.
A: Kiehl’s has a long-standing history of corporate social responsibility in the welfare of the local communities. Since its inception in India, Kiehl’s has joined hands with organizations doing great work for the benefit of the community. This association with CRY is an incredible and important one. Kiehl’s has taken responsibility and partnered with CRY (Child Rights & You) to make a difference. CRY has created a bridge course programme in which children in underprivileged communities in grades VI to XII are able to reconnect with education and receive the encouragement they need to return to school. Children are given assistance so that they can deal with their academics and continue school, lowering the rates of dropout, child labour, and child marriage. Digital tablets are used to conduct the programme, which are distributed to competent teachers. These study sessions, which are attended by groups of children from the same or surrounding villages, aim to provide youngsters with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. By raising funds for this bridge course programme, we hope to #MakeLifeBrighterWithKiehl’s.
Q: How is the brand focusing on the omnichannel experience for consumers with this collaboration?
A: In today’s day and age, everything is digital and new technological advancements are always on the rise. While this can be a bit challenging, it is essential for brands to keep up with the updates and establish their presence in every aspect. Kiehl’s India has and continues to emphasize omnichannel experience that it provides to its consumers. The way we have adapted that to this collaboration is by using a QR code to conduct the fundraiser. Regardless of the means used by a customer to shop—in store, online, Whatsapp shopping etc.—they will be provided with our Kiehl’s x Cry Thank You Note which comes with a unique QR code on the back. This is linked directly to the fundraising website where they can make a donation of their choice. We realise that we reach our consumers in a variety of ways and so digitizing this aspect enables us to equip them with an easy and efficient way to donate to this incredible cause and initiative.
Q: Explain the Kiehl’s Virtual Consultation Process.
A: We realize that skincare concerns aren’t one size fits all. There are different treatments and remedies needed for our individual skins and going in blindly can at times do more harm than good. This is why we offer free virtual consultation to our customers. During the pandemic, Kiehl’s launched Asia’s first digital skincare consultation. Our resident skincare experts are incredibly well-versed in the field and offer skincare consultation, gifting consultation, aftercare services and so much more. The session is 30 minutes long, supremely informative and hassle-free from the get go.
Q: What innovations are in the pipeline for Kiehl’s India?
A: Kiehl’s, as a brand, aims to stay ahead of the game and bring newer and better things to the masses. One of the most exciting things in the pipeline at the moment is our brand new HSA tool. Our Healthy Skin Philosophy has always been the foundation for how we educate customers about caring for their skin and the benefits. The new Healthy Skin Assessment (HSA) Tool with a customized app is our way to revolutionize this field. Kiehl’s chemists selected and vetted this diagnostic tool, which provides an assessment of two attributes of healthy skin; the strength of the skin barrier and the hydration of the epidermis. The tool comes with a Kiehl’s-designed customer-facing app to personalize the experience for customers. We are thrilled to share this with everyone soon.
Q: Elaborate on Kiehl’s journey as the brand is celebrating its 11th anniversary in the country.
A: Even on a global scale, Kiehl’s is a brand that is deeply rooted in history. Each individual that has put in work, each idea, each advancement has led to the brand being where it is and what it is today. The past 11 years for Kiehl’s India has been a memorable and incredible journey. We began with the first store in Delhi, and now are proud parents of over 14 stores across the country. Additionally, the Kiehl’s India website has grown exponentially and helps us reach customers in newer and more efficient ways. India is home to an incredible amount of diversity, and that applies to skin types and skin concerns as well. Over our time here, we have constantly aimed to recognize these concerns and generate effective solutions to cater to them. Our customers are our guiding lights and thanks to them, the Kiehl’s India family only moves onwards and upwards. We have also been fortunate enough to contribute our reach and efforts to the benefit of the community in association with several renowned organizations. Reflecting on the past 11 years of Kiehl’s India, there is a feeling of sheer gratitude for our journey. We hope to keep providing the best that skincare has to offer and continue on this upwards trajectory.
Q: What is Kiehl’s India doing to enhance the shopping experience during the festive season?
A: The festive season can often be a busy one. We believe that in the hustle and bustle of daily life and festivities, your skin shouldn’t have to compromise. Kiehl’s India has curated special gift sets equipped with all of the essentials. Whether it’s for gifting to your loved ones or to treat yourself, these gift sets are perfect to grab and go. Our focus this festive season is to #MakeDiwaliBrighterWithKiehl’s. As the words suggest, our brightening and radiance inducing products are the stars of the show.
Q: Plans for the upcoming festive season?
A: Kiehl’s is happy to launch two limited edition product collections this festive season to reflect its tradition of providing high-quality formulae and a long-standing dedication to service: A Classic Commemorative Collection of iconic must-have formulae, as well as a historical Heritage Collection, which includes three special formulas inspired by the archives for the first time ever. After taking over the pharmacy in 1921, Mr Irving Morse created the first Kiehl’s product line. Mr Morse also possessed over 120 essence oils that, until the early 2000s, were only recommended for use as personal perfumes. These limited-edition essence oils are inspired by fortune-telling tinctures from the Roaring Twenties and we are thrilled to be reinventing and introducing these to our customers this holiday season.