The number of luxury yachts in Goa has also seen a rapid increase with the total number of such yachts reaching over 200 in just the last five years.


The growth in the luxury private yachting business in Goa has been phenomenal in the last few years and this industry is growing at a rate of 8-9% in India, against a global growth rate of 6-7%, according to tourism industry experts.  In fact, Goa, the “Thailand for youngsters in India”, is slowly becoming a destination for luxury travelers, triggering growth in the luxury tourism industry, including private yachting by Indians, in Goa.

The number of luxury yachts in Goa has also seen a rapid increase with the total number of such yachts reaching over 200 in just the last five years.

Such private yachts are hired on an hourly basis by people for celebrating their anniversaries, pre-wedding photography, reunions of college friends, bachelorette parties, among several other such occasions.

According to private yacht industry operators in Goa, there is a new trend of many youngsters making proposals to their girlfriends or to-be wives on yachts before actually getting hitched.

Almanzo Barreto, co-founder of Grande De Goa, a tour operating company in Goa that also specialises in luxury yacht renting, told The Sunday Guardian, “The new trend among the young and affluent people for private luxury yachts is growing in Goa. Proposals on private luxury yachts in the sea and on a beautifully decorated yacht with champagne, balloons, and some romantic music with a background of the setting sun, is something that young couples seek to make such memories permanent. We have also been witnessing a growing demand for honeymoon couples who want to take the yacht into the sea and spend some private and quiet personal moments. The demand for bachelor parties and reunions is also high.”

Barreto added that people in India have now realised that they do not have to travel to places like Malaysia, Dubai, and Thailand and that destinations like Goa can equally give them the luxury experience like that in a yacht.

Apart from these, corporate parties are hosted on private yachts, as well as annual get-togethers for corporates and their clients out in the sea for a gala dinner or lunch.

Rewards and recognition parties are also hosted by corporates on private yachts to boost the confidence and trust of their outperforming employees.

These luxury experiences in a private yacht can be costly depending on the number of people on board and the number of hours that the yacht is being hired for.

According to Grande De Goa, a bachelorette party for some 20-30 people on board a yacht for some four to five hours of sailing time, could cost around Rs three lakh, including dinner, dance, DJ, and decorations. “The cost of the yacht varies depending on the size, facilities, and the time it is in the sea,” Alain Barreto, another co-founder of Grande De Goa, said.

Surprisingly, many of the luxury travellers are Indians from states and cities like Punjab, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon, Chennai and Hyderabad, Alain Barreto said.

The yacht services start from Panjim, the capital of Goa, and sail up to the shores of Pallolem, Varca, Mobor and Colva, depending on the time. While in the monsoon season, when the sea is rough and there are restrictions in place for activities in the sea, such activities are carried out in the backwaters of the Mandavi River in and around Panjim.

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