Amritha Gaddam, CEO and Founder, The Tribe Concepts, says the brand provides all-natural alternatives.

New Delhi: Ayurvedic skincare is not a throwback to bygone times, but a comeback to solve modern issues. Amritha Gaddam, CEO and Founder, The Tribe Concepts, opened up about her entrepreneurial journey, challenges and beauty tips and tricks. Excerpts:
Q: Share a glimpse of your journey as an entrepreneur? What was the major influence behind starting The Tribe Concepts? Where did your interest in natural products stem from?
A: I grew up in the town of Rajahmundry in coastal Andhra Pradesh. The healthy habits of a small town were imbibed in me since childhood. When I was 18, I moved to Hyderabad for higher studies. That’s when things went bad. Constant experiments with chemical peels, hair treatments, and chemical shampoos took a huge toll on my skin, hair, and more importantly my health. When I discussed my situation with my mother, she told me one thing that still rings in my ears even today. She told me I was all fine until I was with her. I grew up embracing natural products and ayurvedic remedies at home. When I asked my mom to send those exotic natural ayurvedic formulations to me, I was amazed to see how my skin and hair started to get better. This exactly is the opportunity I foresaw. I then decided I had to make these real natural products available for all who are suffering as I did. The Tribe Concepts is an all-natural skincare brand that takes you back to your roots by providing products that are all-natural alternatives to everyday skin and hair care in the purest natural powder or oil forms with no added chemicals, preservatives or colours.
Q: Tell us about some of the biggest challenges you faced when it comes to bringing a clean beauty brand into the industry and building it amid the pandemic?
A: Being an entrepreneur, especially in the entire space of sustainability, everything we want to do is definitely challenging. Everything with being natural and sustainable is difficult right from curating the products to packaging them. Markets run on demand and supply. When the world is running on ease with single-use plastic and preservative loaded skincare leading the game, it is definitely difficult for anyone who comes with an out of the box requirement like a steel tin, glass bottles or no preservative ingredients right from procuring these to storing these, it comes with its own challenges.
Q: What qualities or ingredients do you prioritise in The Tribe Concepts products?
A: Quality is our utmost priority. Ingredients are crucial for us as all our products are ingredients in their powder or oil form and nothing else is added. We source them from the right regions from their source and ensure quality over quantity.
Q: What are your thoughts on the currently evolving natural and sustainable beauty trend in India and what is fuelling it?
A: It’s the season of back to roots. Ayurvedic skincare is not just a throwback to bygone times, but a comeback to solve modern issues and it is here to stay. The urban tribe had spent the better part of the decade experimenting with chemical peels, chemical loaded shampoos, and cleansers which yielded little results–they are now looking back to what they left behind– the secret recipes of ages handed down generation after generation for one purpose and one purpose only–solving skin and hair issues.
With the increasing environmental issues, the majority of the millennials today are aware and ready to opt for sustainable choices in their lifestyle which again is a major trend picking up all for good and here to stay for years.
Q: Can you let us in on your favourite beauty tips and tricks?
A: These are some of the beauty tips and tricks I prefer:
• Keeping the skin clean and fresh. Humidity attracts a lot of dirt and this invites a lot of bacterial infections on the skin. To keep this away, clean skin at least twice a day preferably with natural powder-based cleansers.
• Exfoliating skin at least once or twice a week. This applies to the facial skin as well as the body. Exfoliation removed dead skin and build up on the skin and keeps skin healthy and fresh.
• Moisturising with good nourishing lotions preferably light oils is also an excellent way to take care of skin.
• Having an adequate amount of water. Drinking at least three to four litres of water a day is extremely essential for skin health.
• Nutrition from the inside is equally important for skin health. Foods rich in Vitamin C help nourish skin from the inside.