Siemens AG Germany has a 75% equity stake in its Indian subsidiary, Siemens India Ltd which is offering diverse products and service solutions in the power generation and transmission, industrial and digital solution and automation sectors. The company has an exposure to the power, steel, cement, hydrocarbon, automation and digitalisation sectors. Indian investors have always trusted multi-national companies (MNCs) over the years and have been rewarded on their investments with liberal dividend payouts and stock bonuses. The MNCs are a darling to the investing community who pass these company shares from family to family to their children over generations. The MNCs enjoy a huge edge versus the local companies by providing advanced technology and excellent marketing skills. Since foreign parent companies like Siemens Germany spend lot of money on research and development, it has an edge compared to other indigenous competitors. With huge cash reserves built over the years, MNC’s like Siemens stay clear of aggressive debt funding and hence do not pledge their stocks to raise funds. Siemens India operates in five key segments such as energy, oil and gas (34%), smart infrastructure (33%), digital industries (22%) and mobility (7%). Siemens India reported consolidated revenue at Rs 4,296 crore, up 21% year on year amid the low base for the quarter ending September 2021. The gas and power (energy) segment de-grew by 0.8% to Rs 1,571 crore while the smart infrastructure segment grew 65.8% to Rs 1,526 crore and the revenue for the digital industry segment grew 23.9% to Rs 783 crore. The mobility segment revenue de-grew 5.2% year on year to Rs 311 crore. The gas & power, smart infrastructure, digital industries, mobility segments contributed at 36%, 35%, 18% and 7% respectively. Profit after taxes (PAT) stood at Rs 321 crore partly impacted by higher depreciation expenses. Order inflows stood at Rs 3,378 crore registering a growth of 4.9% year on year led by strong order growth across all segments. Brokers and analysts are quite bullish on the Siemens India stock and are recommending it to their clients. The Siemens India stock currently quoting at Rs 2,344 can achieve a 20% price appreciation in the next one year on the back of completion of earlier orders and strong govt capex spending.