The stock markets have been recently witnessing many large foreign company names like Facebook, General Atlantic etc seeking investment in Reliance Industries Ltd. On Thursday, a news item crept in the closing hours of the market that Amazon Inc is seeking to make an investment of $ 2 billion in Bharti Airtel. However, on Friday, the company clarified that though it usually does consider working with digital and OTT players, it denied reports of investment by Amazon. The lockdown period has been well utilised by the Reliance group to bring in marquee foreign investors investing in the Jio platform to use the investment for reducing its debt burden. There have been seven investors in the last six weeks bringing in over Rs 92,000 crore into the company. A masterstroke for Mukesh Ambani’s deal making prowess indeed! From the stock market point of view, despite a rating downgrade by Moody’s, the supremacy of the bulls was so strong that the Indian stock market staged a colossal rally of almost 14% in the last few weeks. This outperformance by the Nifty compared to the Dow and Nasdaq is attributed to the Foreign Institutional Investors buying Indian stocks worth over Rs 11,000 crore and a strong recovery in the FMCG manufacturing capacity pickup. Reliance Industries has been a major contributor to the stock market rally during the last month or so. The company’s massive rights issue received an overwhelming response. The allotment of equity shares would be announced around 10 June and these partly paid equity shares would be listed on the stock exchanges around 12 June. Reliance equity shareholders have paid Rs 314.25 per share as the first instalment of application money now and will be paying the second instalment of a similar amount in May next year and pay the remaining portion of the third and final instalment of Rs 628.50 per share in November 2021. From the healthcare space, most of the companies have appreciated in the last few weeks due to the Covid pandemic. However, Thyrocare Technologies has not participated in this rally and analysts are expecting this stock to do well post the lockdown period. People have not attended to their routine medical tests and checkup in the last few months due to the lockdown and pandemic scare and analysts tracking the sector expect things to look up in the next few weeks. The Thyrocare stock can be purchased at the current market price of Rs 540 for a short term 10% price appreciation within the next two months’ time frame.

Rajiv Kapoor is a share broker, certified mutual fund expert and MDRT insurance agent.