BENGALURU: Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions of Whatfix, a leading digital adoption company, have helped customers in better employee engagement, including easy access to insights on the workforce. In an email interaction, Supriya Goswami, VP of Product Marketing, Whatfix, responded to various issues. Excerpts:
Q: How does Whatfix solutions help in making employees self-sufficient with a personalized self-help knowledge center within work environments?
A: In the current remote or hybrid working environments, employees no longer can turn to the person in the next cubicle, or easily reach out to a colleague to address hurdles while they are navigating sophisticated software. At such a time, it becomes critical that we make support and help resources available at the moment employees need them, empowering them to perform at their best.
Whatfix’s Self-Help offers contextual support content based on the role of the employee and location within the application. Along with a simple and enhanced employee experience, Whatfix’s in-app engagement flows, training, and real-time support is contextual to the role of each employee. With the help of its content aggregation capability, existing content from knowledge repositories can be made accessible for the employee within the application through the self-help widget. Whatfix’s content crawling mechanism pulls up relevant content based on search keywords used by employees. Our Self-Help also ‘suggests’ keywords based on what the employee types to make it easier for them to look for content and the order of ‘Help’ content within Self-Help gets further personalized for the employee over time, based on their search behaviour.
Q: How can Whatfix improve employee data accuracy and compliance with organizational policies?
A: Today new applications are being bought every day to solve business problems and the number of data points has therefore increased drastically. As a result, organisations face the challenge of maintaining clean data. Gartner predicts that by this year, 70% of organizations will rigorously track data quality levels via metrics, improving it by 60% to significantly reduce operational risks and costs. Whatfix guarantees the accuracy of an organisation’s employee data and compliance with organizational policies with the help of data-entry recommendations, smart tips, and data validation. Our Smart Tips offer recommendations and tips for the employee while entering data into forms. Another feature called Data validation helps employees call out errors and ensures them to enter data in the right format. The Smart Nudges also called contextual tips and nudges get triggered dynamically based on actions performed by employees within workflows. This helps employees to complete their processes with more accuracy.
Q: How does Whatfix boost employee engagement and HCM adoption?
A: In today’s hybrid world, one of the key challenges with hybrid working is seamless and continued employee engagement. To overcome this challenge, it is crucial for organisations to ensure employee self-sufficiency and overall employee engagement. The need of the hour for the HR team is to figure out a way to improve employee experience with real-time guidance and personalized self-support. Whatfix provides a unified experience across multiple applications across the enterprise. The improved usage of HR applications means more comprehensive employee data which leads to better effective planning, forecasting, etc. Our In-app notifications help communicate key messages, announcements, and reminders to take certain time-bound actions. The integrations with analytics applications help tailor in-app messaging for employee segments based on behavioral data and the integration with survey tools enables a continuous feedback mechanism from employees.
Q: How can businesses benefit from Whatfix’s effective onboarding and reinforcement training for empowering employees?
A: A personalized onboarding experience helps employees put their best foot forward while getting started with an application. It helps employees with high-value features to instantly demonstrate the value of the application.
Whatfix’s real-time in-app guidance and contextual support bring down the time from onboarding to proficiency. Our on-demand support helps bring down support queries and the continuous training helps improve knowledge retention leading to better key feature usage and application adoption.
Whatfix offers flexible solutions and better measurable ROI for your organisation. It is ideal for helping you get the most out of your software. Whatfix helps in faster training and onboarding of employees and solves both software and business process adoption.