Tattoo art has been around for decades, but these days a new sub-trend has emerged within this field: of miniature tattoos. Ranging from little flowers tattooed on fingers, to symbols suggesting larger narratives on some part of the shoulder, miniature tattoos are the new calling of this generation, fit for an era when minimalism is returning as some sort of style statement.

Miniature tattoos are all about creating maximum effect with minimalist design. These are tattoos that you may completely miss if you’re not looking hard enough. In a sense, miniature tattoos have infused more subtlety to this art form, and has made tattoos seem like personal possessions rather loud, look-at-me accessories.

Vikas and Mickey Malani, co-founders, Body Canvas Tattoos, in a joint email statement said, “Miniature tattoos are simple and great options for first-timers. People are now considering this as a simplistic way of expressing themselves and also not making it too obvious. Additionally, miniatures allow first-timers to understand what it means to get inked and understand the pain along with having something with them for a lifetime.”

When it comes to tattoos, expressive designs are always most in demand. And miniature tattoos give you the liberty to experiment more and to pick and choose form a vast catalogue.

As the email further read, “People want to express their feelings either by keeping their loved ones close with a permanent tattoo dedicated to them or by having their thoughts inked on them as constant reminders. People are no longer hesitant in expressing themselves artistically with the use of tattoos.”

In one such example, a simple semicolon tattoo, which has been going viral for a long time, now represents mental health struggles and the importance of suicide prevention. Flying butterflies indicate freedom, beauty and change. An angel on legs or stars on hand are among the most commonly seen miniature tattoos.

Tattoos are not only used as fashion accessories. Those who have survived life’s hardships, and now have tales to tell, also choose this form of self-expression. Body Canvas Tattoos recently held a session for acid attack survivors, where they inked a few acid attack survivors and also held workshops for them on the art of inking.

“The experience with the acid attack victims has been overwhelming. It is heart-breaking to see the amount of pain they have gone through. My motive has been to provide an alternative means of livelihood so that they can live their life fruitfully, and they do not have to depend on others for their source of income. My purpose to teach them the tattoo art is to contribute in my own little way and make a difference to their life.

Miniature tattoos are all about creating maximum effect with minimalist design. These are tattoos that you may completely miss if you’re not looking hard enough. 

However, what matters more is the right attitude which is definitely present among these people,”the statement said.

Jeremy, a tattoo artist, says people of varied ages have been experimenting with tattoos now. “Youngsters are running for the basic but sharp designs, like that of the music symbol or heartbeats etc. However, there are many who would prefer the popular designs like those of angels, devils etc. But people today are more conscious about their tattoo choices and want to have meaningful ones, as it’s a thing to stay forever.”

Body Canvas tattoos share through the email that “Geometric, minimalistic, constellations, glyphs and zodiac symbols are the most popular trends nowadays. With the changing trends, people are now going for more symbols to express themselves rather than using typography. They want more realistic and 3-D rather than the usual 2-D designs.”

With miniature tattoos, the one concern for tattoo artists is which part of the body their clients want to get inked.

Addressing  this, Malani brothers in the statement cleared “As artists, we definitely try to dissuade the clients from getting tattoos done on theirs palms, fingers or anywhere below the wrist. These are the most exposed areas and the most used parts of our body and hence the tattoos over these areas tend to fade away. A tattoo is meant to be beautiful and permanent and not meant to fade in parts taking away the memories attached to it.”

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