Yet to finish high school, Yashasvini Jindal, has grown up to be a graceful and promising Kuchipudi dancer. She was introduced to Kuchipudi by her mother, Shallu Jindal, after years of training under gurus Padma Bhushan Raja Radha Reddy and Kaushalya Reddy. Yashasvini is now in her eighth year of training and it is something the class XI student is truly passionate about. Since sky’s the limit, Yashasvini hopes to attain higher levels of excellence in this form of dance through practice and perseverance.

She has had the opportunity to perform Kuchipudi at numerous concerts and auditoriums in various places around India with her gurus and mother and is all set to perform her first solo performance. Recently, she was privileged to receive an award from the coveted, Indian Council of United Nations Relations (ICUNR) in the category of “Dance.”

She speaks to Guardian 20 about her first solo dance performance and future ventures.

“I started dancing 8 years back when I was 8 years old. My mother who is a Kuchipudi dancer herself introduced me to this beautiful dance form. And now it has become a very important part of my life and I see my identity in it.”

“It is very difficult to manage studies with dance. But all my teachers are very helpful and always help and cooperate with me.When I miss out any chapters in school, my friends share their notes with me.”

Talking about her first solo performance, Yasasvini says, “This is my first solo recital — Rangapravesham, where the dancer ascends (Pravesham) the stage (Ranga), after the completion of 7 years of training. On this auspicious occasion the artist presents her talent to his/her guru and lord Nataraja while seeking the blessings of other artists and well-wishers. I am excited and nervous at the same time. All these years of dancing, all the hardwork and discipline since childhood, have culminated to this day. I pray hard for the success of my debut dance recital. I sincerely hope that it will be well appreciated by the audience.”

She also adds, “I have done a few group performances with my gurus and mother. But this is nothing like that. This is the first time I will be going solo and performing for almost one and a half hours on stage.” Talking about her mother who is a famous Kuchipudi dancer, she says, “I am really excited and I want to perform like my mother. Both of us also love performing together. It is a very special bond that we share.”

Sharing with our readers how it has been coping both studies and dance, she says, “It is very difficult to manage studies with dance. But all my teachers are very helpful and cooperate with me whenever I ask them to. When I miss out any chapters in school, my friends share their notes with me.”

Yashasvini also talks about her hobbies. “Apart from dancing, I love to chat with my friends, do yoga, and enjoy music.  They act as a  stress buster.”

Talking about her future endeavours, she says, “I really don’t know about the future. I would definitely like to finish my studies and graduate in liberal arts. I will continue dancing though, as it is my  first and greatest passion and it completes me.” 

Yashasvini also has a knack for music. When asked whether she would someday want to perform on her recitals, she says, “I like dancing more. That is my true calling.”


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