One of the reasons why the MTV’s Roadies became big and celebrated in India can be attributed to the fact that it had a riding element involved. This element was appreciated so much that MTV even launched a show only about stunt riding in association with Bajaj.

But over the years things changed as there are not many biking shows being shown on TV anymore. Roadies is all about drama now. The Cult Riders promises  to change just that with its arrival on Indian television.

“To capture the spirit of riding and also to keep it entertaining will be a herculean task. Riding motorbikes is an art or rather a knack but whatever it is, it does changes something inside you and we will try to capture that change in camera ” said Tejender Sharma, Director of The Cult Riders.

It will be a show dedicated to riders where they will leave home, travel and explore new places, cultures and new people. The producers als say that this travelogue is not worrying about the elimination or bitching but enjoying the road… feeling the freedom, touching the clouds. This travelogue will uncover the shades of a rider because this is nwot a show about bikes. It is about riders.

The Host of the show Anuj Vashisht said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the show. I hope we’d rock and each rider will live an adventure of a lifetime.”

The show will feature 12 riders from all across the country who will get to live an adventure of their lifetime. This journey of 2300 km shall begin from Delhi and will end in Goa. During the entire trip, the riders will get to perform various tasks, which they will have to successfully complete throughout their journey in order to be declared as the winner.

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