Main Nachan Farrate Naal 

The celebratory air of this very typically Bollywood song, from the film All is Well, makes it a great choice for wedding. It’s peppy, and has those bouncy beats that make you want to reciprocate the bounce, making it the ideal accompaniment to a special showcase of your dancing chops. 

DJ Waley Babu

It may sound weird on first listen, but there must be something in that coy delivery of the vocals on DJ Waley Babu that it’s on every playlist. Maybe it’s the casual sway, the leisurely swing that runs through the spine of the song. There’s a playful, almost flirtatious energy to the track, one that goes with the high-spirited, moods that weddings inevitably bring to the fore. 

Na Na Na Na

What’s a wedding without a restrained giggle or two… or preposterous, uncontrolled guffaws that echo on the dancefloor?  Na Na Na Na — or Main Tera Boyfriend Tu Meri Girlfriend — brings just that little bit of “naughty” humour into the wedding ceremony, just to remind anyone taking proceedings a little too seriously that maybe they should chill out for a little bit and let go. And that’s what this song seems to do — it’s hard to not let go and relax once the naivety and positivity, not to forget the chunky synths and the earworm melody on the vocals, on Na Na Na Na kicks in.  

Tu Jo Mila  

This little ballad, from Salman Khan-starrer Bajrangi Bhaijaan, boasts a strong sense of substance to it, an elegant sort of craft that one doesn’t associate with the unstable euphoria usually witnessed on the dance floor. But it has a different purpose. Tu Jo Mila, this season at least, should be the song to which many newlyweds (or about-to-be-weds) will share their first dance (of the rest of their lives) together. 


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