Q. How did you first become interested in astrology? How did you make it into your career?

A. My interest in astrology sparked in the early years of my childhood. When I was a child, I had a vision while I was sleeping that this is what I have to do. So I developed a natural interest in tarot card reading at a very young age and after rigorous meditation and practice, I began practising the science of Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vaastu professionally.

Q. Did you then formally study astrology? What did you study along with Jyotish?

A. No, I haven’t studied astrology or any of the spiritual studies. I am a philosophy graduate from Miranda House, Delhi University.

“I would love to pass my knowledge and my experience to my daughter. Not just my daughter, I would love to pass it on to other children as well.”

Q. How do you help people to reach the best in terms of astrology in their daily lives?

A. Over 15 years I have helped many individuals, industrialists, and business owners with all the common issues of life — related to health, wealth, job, career, sickness, marital issues and material success. I like to advise all without any bias regarding the social strata and like to keep the solutions simple. My solutions are based on logical reasoning. I never suggest a thing which is not practical. It is your own personal blueprint of life and a guide to how you can best navigate your life’s journey.

Q. What do you think is the most powerful thing about astrology? Apart from astrology, what other areas do you have an expertise in?

A. Astrology offers a way to understand yourself. It looks deep into the soul or character and reveals the underlying motivations or influences in a person’s life. It is a combination of horoscope and kundali. Horoscope describes your mental condition, about your future events and when will you get success. Kundali is all about matching your sun sign with the position of the planets and the stars. With astrology, we can understand others and ourselves better. Apart from astrology readings, I also do face readings, numerology, palmistry, Tarot Card Readings that is my forte actually. Motivational Speaking and counseling for a relationship. I also help people with Vaastu — to serve mankind by providing professional Vaastu guidance and educate them. So that they can effectively manage and overcome challenging situations related to their house and office.

Q. What would you recommend to the students who want to make their career in astrology? You also have a girl child. Will you be passing your knowledge down to her?

A. I would suggest them to understand what these studies actually are and to a deeper understanding of your true essence. Everything on the physical plane has a positive and negative, a light side and its shadow. A good use of astrology helps you make the most of your natural abilities and avoid the pitfalls. I would not suggest them to wear white dhoti kurta and wear those rudrakshamala’s and to get the attire of Babas. I would say wear shorts and have a glass of wine but one has to understand the studies of stars and signs. Astrology’s not about attires or the outer look. It’s about the knowledge and practice.

Yes, I would love to pass my knowledge and my experience to my daughter. Not just my daughter, I would love to pass on to other children as well. My daughter has already started to follow the path — she is the youngest Tarot Card reader.

Q. What makes you different from others in the industry?

A. I had never liked to compare myself with others — the only comparison I have done is with my own self. If you ask me, I always evaluate myself on the basis of the change which takes place in me over time; I always focus on my improvement.

Q. What are the other ways through which people could have access to your guidance?

A. I contribute as a relationship expert; I write articles constantly for Hindustan Times, Vivaah& Timeless Jewels magazines and also I have done programs on TV Channels such as Pragya, Sahara Samay, Zee TV, Sahara NCR, and India TV. They can watch my current show Family Guru which airs on India News daily at 2.30 p.m.

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