Ambapali by Tanushree Podder is a remarkable, poignant novel about the dazzling glamour, daring romance, and sacrifice that marked Ambapali’s life.
Ambapali is a name that has intrigued several generations of Indians. Even today, her name conjures up visions of dazzling glamour, daring romance, and sacrifice. Not every courtesan has gone down in the annals of history like Ambapali. She was beautiful, intelligent, talented and, as the nagarvadhu janpad Kalyani, the bride of the city, she went on to wield immense power among the nobles until she renounced all worldly pleasures to embrace Buddhism. This vivid narrative tells the story of a young woman forced to follow a path because of the machinations of powerful people. Ambapali was propelled on to the cultural centre stage in the Vajji republic against her wishes, betrayed in love, disappointed by friends, and yet, hers is the story of a strong woman determined to take control of her life. Announcing the release, the author says, “Was Ambapali a naïve woman or a temptress? I came across many interesting facts while peeling the layers of her personality. One of them revealed the courtesan to be an erudite and intelligent woman who wrote many verses which form a part of the Therigatha (Poems composed by the early Buddhist nuns).”
Praising the book, the author and columnist, Anand Neelakantan says, “Tanushree has woven an enchanting tale… A fabulous retelling of a beautiful life.”
Price: INR 350 / Format: Paperback / Pages.: 310 / Publisher: Penguin Random House India.