Birmingham-born Steven Kapur, known to music lovers the world over as Apache Indian, returns with a brand new track, “Punjabi Girl”. The 50-year-old-singer-songwriter presents a track reminiscent of those thunderous years when “Boom Shaka Lak”, “Movie Over India” and “Chok De” rocked every club in every city in every nation

“Punjabi Girl” features Apache Indian dropping Punjabi lyrics to an uplifting dancehall melody composed and produced by Charlie Hype. Incorporated throughout the track are rap verses sung by India’s rapper Raftaar who has enjoyed great success with hits including “Baby Marvake Maanegi”, “Swag Mera Desi”, “Dhaakad” and “Instagram Love” and more recently “Mantoiyat” from Manto.

Apache states, “This song took me over a year to write and was inspired by my fans wanting some old school vibes again! I had fun with this song; using more of my Punjabi mother tongue flowing hard on an Indian dancehall beat.”

Upon reaching the final mixes of the song, Raftaar’s management, AK Projects and Apache Indian’s management, Sunset Entertainment Group got connected and discussed possible synergies between the two artistes.

Apache adds, “Raftaar’s lyrics and vocal delivery on the song adds a magic sprinkling that gives it yet another Hindi/Bollywood twist!