Art Spice Gallery at the Metropolitan Hotel & Spa in Delhi is currently hosting an exhibition, entitled Divine Intervention, on contemporary artistic depictions of Lord Krishna in various avatars, along with other captivating paintings and sculptures. The exhibition features some rare artworks, and is the result of a collaborative initiative of by two outstanding artists: G. Subramanian and P. Gnana.

Curated by Vidhya Gnana Gouresan, Divine Intervention takes you on a spectacular and sublime visual journey. On view are around 50 unique and exceptional paintings and sculptures of Lord Krishna and other gods and the show promises to connect viewers to the deepest human chord of emotive capacity.

An image attains its purpose when it provokes the viewer’s senses. And these artworks do so.  They are simple yet soulful.

G. Subramanian has won numerous honours and prizes internationally, and is widely known for his unique mixed-media works. He uses the form of collage, layering it along with acrylic paint and ink washing into brilliant hues, to create striking artworks.

The inspiration for Subramanian’s work, in his own words, is “the innocence and divine beauty on a child’s face, and the power of Indian mythology”. With his portrayal of child-like Krishna, Buddha, Ganesha and Hanuman, he seeks to spark a sense of joy in his viewers. Many of his works depict blissful young girls. These have been inspired by his own daughter, Surya, whom he lost to cancer when she was very young.

P. Gnanais one of Singapore’s leading artists. He paints, sculpts and creates conceptual installations. He has created a niche for himself and continues to achieve through his obsessive fascination towards the cow, a recurring symbolic effect in his art. He has beautifully integrated this motif and Lord Krishna in his collection being displayed at the show.

Speaking about the exhibition, Babita Gupta, Director, Art Spice Gallery, said, “It is a pleasure to associate with these two leading artists. This exhibition is indeed a divine intervention, whereby the viewer is privileged to foster a beautiful affiliation with Subramanian’s very first collection of enchanting sculptures and Gnana’s recent collection of elucidating sculptures. Divine Intervention is a platform for like-minded people to meet and explore Lord Krishna in not just from a typical “art history” or “art interpretation” aspect, but from a more relatable perspective.”


Divine Intervention is on view till 21 September