We had swung in a primal amniotic sea

spewed out to a dry  land

Memory failed, yet the body

never forgot the lullaby and sought it

In the sighing of oceans

Water, with addition of salt

leaked from our eyes as tears

When we were at our truest

most vulnerable self


You held one ocean in your eyes

With its identical twin in your heart

standing arms akimbo

A guardian angel of buoys

Keeping me undrowned

Behind you

there is a black black sea

even as the Sun and skies slide on

Leaving it shaded green or grey or blue

An ordained wave is coded

To carry my water logged body

far and further


I cannot resist

the coquettish beckoning

Of the sea who knows

I have no gills to cope with

Water dissolved air


Let me leapfrog over you

To that ocean

Red sea, Dead Sea, Black Sea

that combine and make

My cradle for a newer birth.