How many times have you been told to place others before your own self? How many times do you prioritize what others need over your own needs? In Commit to Yourself: Break Free, leading executive presence coach and leadership development consultant Nancy Katyal calls for a paradigm shift in your relationship with yourself. Committing to yourself is not selfish. It takes courage. Through simple and time-tested ways based on pioneering studies in behavioural sciences, Nancy provides a step-by-step roadmap to embracing change.
Author Nancy Katyal says: ‘I’ve seen people committed to helping others falling short of committing to themselves. This book will assist you in breaking free from patterns that no longer serve you, build the muscle of courage and fall deeply in love with yourself.’
Ajay Mago, publisher at Om Books International, says, ‘This is the sort of book people need to read to help them make their way out of everything they have outgrown in their lives. We are looking at a potential bestseller.’