New Delhi: Unlike several personal growth/motivational books, “The Exceptionals” by Kumar Mehta is a straight-forward, easy read.
A classic example of theory meets truth. The concepts explained in this book are backed with real-life examples that strengthen the author’s theories and ideas.
This book explains 3 major concepts that can advance a person’s journey in a specific field and help them advance as the author says from “good to great” and from “outstanding to elite”. Mehta discusses how innate abilities coupled with hard work, intense effort and learning from situations, people and ideas can help push boundaries and achieve the impossible.
“Your stage of life does not matter; your state of mind does.” says the author urging readers to explore their strengths/weaknesses and then work on the strengths to level up. This just goes to say that now is as good as any a time to start working towards reaching new heights and discovering new things/capabilities about yourself.
The ideas and concepts in the book are thought-provoking. That’s what makes it interesting. It gets the reader to think and analyze their current status and motivates them to change.  50% of who we are is genetics, same goes for our skills to… The author says the remaining 25% is one’s grit and hard work towards honing that skill. A lot of us understand our skills and put in intense effort. But not many understand the need for external intervention.
Love how the author has explained the importance of “enablers” that form the remaining 25% of the ‘exceptional’ spectrum. Just makes one think how important it is to constantly learn new things from surroundings, situations, and people at all times.
One point that the author makes which is conflicting is the expectation to put in crazy number of hours at the risk of work-life imbalance that is needed to be exceptional. Sure, intense effort and time is key but not at the cost of losing on work-life balance. In fact, taking time off “work” can help one stay better focused and energized to put in the required intense effort.
In short, this is an evidence-based practical guidance book with clear examples and analysis of what it takes to rise up and be a star. A combination that will motivate anyone to start working on themselves irrespective of the domain they are in. The concepts discussed are stimulating and can also be a base for some important performance discussions at a workplace.
Enjoyed every concept, idea and well-researched real-life story shared in this book. There are several interesting techniques described that can help with a personal journey to perfection.
Strongly recommend this book to anyone who 1) feels lost and are trying to figure what they are good at and 2) who are working on honing their skills and are looking to advance.
What stands out in this book is that it actually shares detailed outline that can help the common man to draw out their flair, their unique abilities and in that help them maximize their own potential.
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Price : INR 295/-