Celebrated designer Gauri Khan and Ajoy Chawla, CEO Jewellery Division, Titan launch Zoya’s Beyond, A Boundless Journey.

New Delhi: Designer Gauri Khan spoke to The Sunday Guardian on her style, love for jewellery and the upcoming festive season.
Q: Tell us a bit about how fond you are of good jewellery.
A: I have always loved jewellery. When I was a child I remember being fascinated by my grandmother’s jewellery that she kept hidden away in her locker.
Q: What is the USP of Zoya’s collection which you’ve just launched?
A: The collection is called Beyond—A Boundless Journey, and it is magnificent. The inspiration is from the River Indus, and it captures the essence of a woman’s journey through the course of her existence, celebrating the feminine spirit as a force of nature. Beyond has an Indian inspiration with a very contemporary expression that allows for great versatility when it comes to styling. Zoya has always been known for its impeccable crafting, but with the exceptional use of stones, and artistic designs they’ve outdone themselves!
Q: How, according to you, does good jewellery add to a person’s look while dressing up for a special occasion?
A: Jewellery is a celebration of who you are. It adds an extra sparkle to your look. When you wear something that is meaningful to you, it becomes extra special.
Q: What is the most treasured piece of jewellery you own? Do you remember any jewellery you may have got from your mother or grandmother that is priceless for you?
A: My mother’s wedding set. It’s an antique jadau set, with peacocks on it, and it’s very special.
Q: How fond is your daughter of jewellery? What is one piece from the collection you would pick for her?
A: She enjoys jewellery. There is a ring in Zoya’s Beyond that is called Sparkling Rapids. It’s inspired by water at its most powerful. It is a statement ring with a tear drop emerald, glistening pink morganite and baguette diamonds. I think she’d like that.
Q: You’re a designer yourself. What inspires you for your creativity?
A: Inspiration is everywhere—in travel, art, conversations, culture, history…
Q: What is your style mantra?
A: Classic and minimal.
Q: What’s a piece of advice you’d like to give women reading this on buying jewellery?
A: Fine jewellery is always a good investment, especially when you are buying from a brand as reputed as the Tatas. Invest in jewellery that has meaning for you and makes you smile.
Q: Your turning host soon for a show…how was that experience?
A: It is a wonderful show on design and interiors and it’s come together really well. It is a passion project for me and I’m hoping people enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. The first episode goes on air tomorrow. Watch it and let me know what you thought!
Q: Which has been your personal favourite project that you’ve designed and why?
A: It’s hard to pick a favourite.
Q: The festive season is around the corner, any special plans?
A: Festivals are a time for celebration with family and friends and I look forward to spending time with the people I love. The house has an extra sparkle and there’s great food, lots of sweets and it’s a lot of fun.