According to the brand, this technology enables users to recycle residual RO water as well.


New Delhi: Kent RO, one of India’s leading water purifier brands has invented RO water purifiers which cause zero water wastage. The technology was launched in Bengaluru by Sri Sri Ravishankar, founder of Art of Living in the presence of Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Union Minister of Jal Shakti and Mahesh Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director of Kent RO.

The brand has affirmed that this technology will be able to recycle residue water to the extent that not even a single drop of water gets wasted. Conventionally, the recovery rate of RO water purifier has been 4:1, which means that four glasses of water will produce one glass of drinkable water. But the brand claims that with this new technology, the recovery rate will increase by 50%. In simpler terms, four glasses of water will now produce two glasses of pure water. Further, the remaining water will be recycled and properly filtered to make it fit for consumption. According to the brand, not a single drop of water gets wasted in this manner.

The technology has been achieved using various patented processes in combination with innovative techniques. This involved advanced filtration procedure and efficient RO membranes. The brand has also stressed that despite the poor quality of water everywhere, the technology is adept at retaining essential minerals.