I have waited through
All these days of battle
And nights of hunger
When I pined for you

Fantasised your saying yes to me
In so many ways
That it brought to a smile
To my lips yearning to touch
You chastely
And many times hear with passion
You whisper “Mahisha”
My name
Sounding so good, so right
in that voice

I forget the wounds you gave me
Both physical and mental
I have only this love to give you
My own self to give you
Yes, I can battle more
Conquer kingdoms for you
Or die in the attempt

You are not interested
and try to persuade me
to leave
I can leave Indra’s kingdom
With no regret
Crown him king with my own hands
That no one will rise against him
Deeming him to be
Mahisha’s man.

But You I cannot leave
Easier to leave this body
For the devas to mutilate
They are not scared at all
Of the dead me

You know that my life may exit
But not my love for you.
Let me face the Truth
However harsh it may be

You will not come to me
I see a change in Your
The fragrance of Your scent
Intoxicates me to ecstasy

I have run out of hope
My dream that you will one day
Love me, dies on my open eyes
At the dawn lightening
the east
I shall throw myself
On Your myriad weapons
jumpstart my death
Hoping for another birth
With you
Coming sooner
with my exit from this one

Mahisha will always love You
even though he can no longer wait for you
this birth.

—Lakshmi Bayi