The actress feels that the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has turned things negative. In an interview with G20, she also says that favouritism and nepotism exist not only in the film industry but everywhere in the world.


Q: Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has opened a can of worms in the film industry and things have turned negative. How do you look at the recent developments?

A: About Sushant’s death, I feel it’s extremely sad. And to see what’s happening after his death, is even sadder. It boggles my mind, how much can people be brainwashed and manipulated. It is such a disaster. It’s sad to see what’s happening around the case and media and we are letting it happen.  I never really enjoyed watching news earlier anyways but now it is full of negativity  and melodrama, It is sad for me to see how women are being treated in our country today. Everyone is pouncing on one another. No one is following the pandemic rule book. We have gone back to a time and era when witch-hunting and all those words were used. The politicization of the situation is very disappointing and I hope nobody has to go through something like this in their lives ever.

Q: Favouritism and nepotism have become a nucleus of the debate. Have you seen or experienced any such incident?

A: Favouritism and nepotism exist not only in our industry but everywhere in the world. Everyone will support and push the people they like for whatever reason it must be. What I don’t like is being so closed-minded and the non-inclusiveness of some of these big groups in the industry. We outsiders have to really go through a lot of pain to even get to an audition. The audition sometimes doesn’t even reach the director, If the director sees your audition and likes it, still there are so many things to manipulate at every level for us to actually get the role.  In the past few years, the way the media have promoted the star kids , there itself is so much partiality. I know I am talking to a media person now and I am sorry to say this but some so-called “Insta media famous “ people do it.  I have had many experiences. I had signed a few films and overnight someone who is a star daughter or someone’s favourite or girlfriend or cousin or some recommendations have taken my part even after giving some great auditions. It’s happened to me innumerable times.

Q: Your web series ‘Maaya; came at a time when online platforms were not so popular among the Indian audiences. What was your thought before saying okay to a web series?

A: When Maaya was offered to me by Vikram Bhatt, who’s a dear friend, I immediately said yes because I knew that if he was making it, it would turn out to be good.

Q: What is your take on the insiders versus outsiders debate?

A: If we say nepotism is wrong then the base of the whole world is wrong. Every parent would support the child. They have the right. But the idea is to not make it so closed that nobody from outside can enter. There is groupism here and it ruins the beauty of cinema and that’s why for the longest time we have been presented with mediocre cinema and a lot of mediocre actors too. What needs to change is this groupism. Because that makes you closed minded and selfish. You look for some personal gain and forget about the project and cast wrong people.

Q: You are popular on social media platforms. But being popular on social media also brings a lot of social media bullying. How do you deal with it?

A: I just don’t deal with it. I have nothing to do with it. I am not their relatives or parents to deal with them. I straight away block them and move on in my life.

Q: The pandemic has hit the industry hard and many are dealing with mental health issues. How are you dealing with stress? Share your secret.

A: I always see something positive coming out of any bad situation. I have learned that the more the unfortunate situation is, the more positive comes out of it. Nowadays the way people talk about mental health is sad. They’re turning it into a joke. Everyone seems to know how a mentally ill person must have behaved or should behave. I have increased my meditations from once a day to 2 times a day. I do positive affirmations. I am learning more and more about myself. I highly recommend Dr Joe Dispenza’s videos on meditations and his lectures on YouTube. They are free and anybody can access it.

Q: How are you keeping yourself fit?

A: I am doing a lot of cardio, eating right and I am focused on my health and workout. I start my day with gratitude and meditation. I write down ten things that I am blessed and thankful for personally. It’s not generic but what I feel I am specifically blessed with like the ability to walk, read, breathe, see, and for my ability to feel and so on. It can be anything that you are grateful for. And stop watching the news. Don’t give much of your time to social media rather invest this time in yourself.