New Delhi: Kalikwest is one of the renowned names today, not just in the Indian Entertainment Industry but across the globe. Born in Birmingham, UK, Kalikwest’s original name is Mandeep (Mannie) Singh Sadhra.
His journey started in 1988 when his parents moved to California from the UK with the desire to explore the new land and get a fresh new start. Growing up in different nations allowed Mannie to fathom diverse cultures, gain experience and grow with an optimistic intellect.
He started his own company Kalikwest in 1997. Soon enough, in 1998, he collaborated with JB Brown(Hit Em Hard) and Big Omeezy, who opened the doors to the media industry where he teamed up with the American rapper E-40, Shock G (Digital Underground). And that’s how the Kalikwest foundation was laid.
His success story comprises an endless list of record labels such as Jive Records, Virgin Records, Warner Brothers, etc. He primarily focused on promotions of newly released songs around the Sacramento area in California. However, his patriotism got him to stay connected to his roots. In 2003, the Punjabi MC and Jay Z came up with a new song, “Beware Of The Boys,” Kalikwest with his crew fused it with hip hop leading to the first Bhangra-Hiphop Mixtape. Sukhi Dosanjh, founder of B.P.R. crew, the torchbearer of D.J. of North America with DJ Alvin and DJ Knuckles were all part of the project. Kalikwest then met Sukhshinder Shinda, the British-Indian singer and songwriter. He happened to be the first person from the industry to guide Mannie and work on several successful projects like Romeo, Balle, Punjabi Clap, etc.
Many people wondered about the title– “The King Of Media.” The story goes way back when Mannie (aka Kalikwest) hosted top Punjabi artists like Jazzy B, Neeru Bajwa, Jimmy Shergil, Kapil Sharma, and many more; and managed their social media profiles in the initial days. The ceaseless success of projects got him the title not only in America but also in India. He is known to share a great bond with “Shining Star” Diljit Dosanjh. Not to forget, he has managed all of the music videos for the blockbuster album– G.O.A.T. and several other projects, right from recording to shooting to promotions in the U.S.A, and is also a part of all of them.
You must have heard of the famous production house– The Record Label in many Punjabi hits; again, Kalikwest is the man behind its existence. The Media King is now here in India, all the way from California, to offer budding artists the opportunity to grow and find a spot in the industry to reach new heights. Kalikwest Worldwide, with the business partner– Mohit Sharma, has set up an office in Mohali, Punjab. There is nothing they don’t do. The duo has recently released many new Punjabi singles, including “Allah Ve” by D-Harp, directed by Mohit Sharma, produced by none other than Kalikwest Worldwide, and “International Love” by Honey Sidhu. The tremendous work doesn’t just stop here, Kalikwest has launched countless bright stars of the industry like– Tris Dhaliwal, Harnoor, Bob Randhawa, Indrr Bajwa, to name a few. The new hits have been making hype on popular platforms of Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.
Their dedication and devotion toward Punjabi Folk motivated him for business expansion across India and beyond. With the maxim “Your Network is your Net Worth,” Kalikwest is now an inspiration to all those who believe in their dreams and are willing to take it to a whole new level. Anyone desirous to collaborate with Kalikwest Worldwide, release a song, or explore the industry at the business level can contact at Follow @Kalikwest on social media handles to stay updated on new possibilities.