Nowadays we come across original and innovative businesses almost every day. A multitude of successful businesses are conceptualized, grown, and nurtured in India, which beckons the question, “What role does a mother play in the entrepreneurial journey of an individual?”
To answer this question, let’s attempt to understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Discipline, innovative capabilities, patience, resilience, and perseverance are a few traits that comes to mind when you think of the word entrepreneur. Traits that are not assimilated overnight, but are gradually carved out of the potential inherently present in every person. A mother is usually the first influential person in the life of any child, by imparting knowledge acquired from her experiences, she shapes the thoughts, will, and spirit of her children, inevitably influencing their decisions and mentality for the remainder of their lifetime.
In the past, it was preferable and prudent to have your child pursue a steady job, that pays the bills, and pays for certain thrills. Although in today’s day and age, many parents encourage entrepreneurship and ingenuity, which could be one of the reasons we see such a boom in new businesses across the country. A mother’s role in the success of a child is no minor one, the support, care, and resources provided by her are single-handedly the biggest factor contributing to success.
As a mother myself, I’ve observed and reflected upon a few things you can do as a mother to contribute to this enterprising drive among your children – To begin with it is support. This does not mean exclusively financial aid, but support in terms of the effort you put into understanding your child’s passion, and to gather information regarding the further development of the qualities your child will require to succeed in whatever they desire to, be it specialised classes, courses, or coaching.
Secondly guidance. Children tend to be overpowered by their will to accomplish their goals, but sometimes fall-short of the necessary experience required to overcome the obstacles without being disheartened. A mother’s guidance can provide much needed upliftment, motivation, and inspiration to persevere in times of trouble.
And lastly dependability. The fear of failure paralyses even the toughest of people. Reassuring your child that they can depend on you during times of hardship will enable them to take the necessary risks required to succeed in life. The famous quote “you will regret the things you didn’t do, more than the ones you did,” accurately defines this.
This Mother’s Day, I acknowledge the mothers out there, guiding and supporting the next generation of innovators, and creators, working tirelessly to provide better solutions for a better tomorrow.