‘Self-love is the highest form of love and lack of it is most often the root cause of relationship issues.’

New Delhi: A story-teller, a poet, a painter, a wellness expert, Meenu Mehrotra has been associated with writing for the last 30 years. Her first novel, Lilacs Bloom in My Backyard was published in 2008 by Rupa. Her second novel, Sunlit Hearts, was published by Vitasta in 2012. She has written four poetry books. Her latest book, Notes to the Beloved is her seventh and is a non-fiction. It has been published by Locksley Hall. Here are excerpts from her interview:
Q: Notes to the Beloved is your seventh book. Tell us about your journey as an author.
A: It was a journey that began long ago. I was in Class 7 when I wrote my first poem, “The Orphan Child”, then became a copywriter in an advertising agency and then a fiction writer in 2008, then a blogger, editor of an online relationship website, to this book which is about love and spirituality. It has been an interesting journey so far. I look forward to what the future holds.
Q: Tell us about your new book, Notes to the Beloved.
A: The book is a cluster of musings and reflects the conversation of the author with her inner self and her beloved. It’s a raw, unfiltered narrative that reveals the interior world of the writer unapologetically.
Q: The back cover blurb talks about the sacred wound. What is a sacred wound?
A: A sacred wound is a wound that each one of us carries and is a doorway to some of our greatest gifts. Our sacred wounds keep us in alignment with our highest self and lead us to surrender to the unique path that’s destined for us, and it builds soul strength in us. It could be health wound/illness for some, family wound/mother wound/father wound for some, money wound—to give a few examples. A sacred wound works as a divine honing device that keeps you humble.
Q: This is your first non-fiction. How easy or tough was it to write it?
A: It has been a journey of its own—moving from fiction to non- fiction. And it has more to do with how I have evolved over the years and my life experiences have a lot to do with it. As I grow closer to my inner self, get more authentic as a soul, I realize I can’t write fiction anymore. My writing now is a reflection of my inner state and is a tool of empowerment for me. So everything just flowed as a writer for me—the words, the thoughts for this book.
Q: Since your book is on intimacy; can you give a few tips on relationships?
Always be your true self.
Patience and timing are everything in a relationship.
Talk. Talk. Talk. Do not underestimate the power of communication.
Expect less. Give more. Expectations are the biggest cause of suffering.
Self-love is the highest form of love and lack of it is most often the root cause of relationship issues.