The seats gradually start to move towards the ceiling, or maybe it is the steel floor that moved and vanished. At this point of time you are not sure what to expect. It is pitch dark and the instructors are diligent in spelling out the safety measures. It only leaves you confused because you came in for a 4D show of Krrish, and not for a dreary rollercoaster ride. But the show begins and you can no longer figure out what is real and what is “reel”. Amazement is the only word to explain the blend of technology and creativity that makes you fly with the Indian superhero Krrish, while your only connection with reality is the seat belt that you are tucked into.

India is known for Bollywood films but Dubai has beaten India at its game by creatively exploiting popular Bollywood films and turning them into short 3D and 4D sensory visual shows. For Krishh and Ra.One fans, Dubai has made it possible for reel-life superheroes to come real.

The Bollywood theme park in Dubai Parks and Resorts has used blockbuster movies like Lagaan, Sholay, Don and recent superhero movies like Ra.One and Krishh to make sensory visual-show joyrides that use the dynamics of a video game to create simulation with the help of Artificial Intelligence that can anticipate your reaction to the visuals and adjust environment accordingly. Which means that when Ra.One punches Shahrukh Khan on the screen, you cannot feel the pain but you feel the impact of being thrown into the air and falling into the river, thanks to the water sprinkled on your face. The two simulation shows of Ra.One and Krrish are top sellers at the Bollywood theme park and they are by no means overrated.

On a recent visit to Dubai, sponsored by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, this journalist witnessed the craze of the locals and tourists towards the Bollywood theme park that houses attractions like Rustic Ravine that hosts simulation shows and games themed around Sholay, Dabangg, Lagaan and Don on the one hand, and on the other there are attractions like Mumbai Chowk which is all about the iconic Bollywood sets, Rajmahal Theatre, and a cinematic feature of Rock On and other movies, giving you an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses.

If descriptions cannot be solely relied on, take a look at the numbers. Dubai Parks and Resorts witnessed a 45% increase in visitors in the first three months of 2018, according to the Department of Tourism’s data. In all, there were 851,000 visitors which according to the department, constituted a 55,000 increase in headcount as compared to the numbers recorded in the fourth quarter of 2017. According to Mohammad Al Mulla, CEO, DBX, footfall is increasing due to their continuous focus on core markets like the GCC residents, annual pass holders and international visitors.

Dubai is indeed selling itself as the best family vacation destination for the upcoming summer break and their offers are not disappointing either. Gearing up for the summer break, Dubai, United Arab Emirates› most popular city, is transforming itself into the perfect family holiday destination.

The Department of Tourism is promoting Dubai Parks and Resorts as one of the top family destinations in the city. Dubai Parks and Resorts is a cluster of various theme parks and a water park, offering a range of activities for children and adults alike. The venue also boasts a theme park made out of Lego blocks, called Legoland; an indoor theme park on Dreamworks, Lionsgate and Columbia Pictures, themed around top animation movies like Shrek, Hulk, Madagascar, Hunger Games etc.

Another major family attraction here is Ski Dubai, where again technology leaves you in awestruck, when you see huge hills covered in snow in a city that is supposed to be a desert. Ski Dubai also treats you with a surprise “interaction” with penguins. It is an interaction because the trainers allow the selected visitors to touch the penguins and click selfies with them.

Large tracts of Dubai are being renovated and rebuilt, as the city prepares itself for the 2020 Technology Expo. The towering Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest building, keeps reminding you of the architectural beauty that Dubai has cleverly draped itself in. Packed with attractions for all age groups, Dubai is trying to project itself as the best family holiday destination in the world, with such attractions as Wild Wadi, a water park in Jumeirah Madinat, and IMG Worlds of Adventures among others. But it is only after a visit to the city that you can actually understand why there is so much hype around the mythical Dubai vacation.

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