The man-made laws of money created by the Babylonians are just as true today as they were eight thousand years ago.

Every age has its buzz words. Today we hear tarot readers, numerologists , life coaches offering classes and workshops to become a ‘money magnet’. In short, it means having a mindset conducive to attract more money and abundance in our lives, an art perfected by the ancient Babylonians. The wealthiest civilization in the ancient world was Babylon. Babylon was famous for its fortune because its people as well as the king were rich, enjoying a level of personal wealth beyond our contemporary comprehension. The poor Babylonian was an exception because the knowledge of the laws of prosperity was available to everyone.
The man-made laws of money created by the Babylonians are just as true today as they were eight thousand years ago. The path to personal wealth is regular saving and sharing, controlling unnecessary expenditure, living debt-free, prudent investment , protecting the bulk of your wealth from loss, owning property , securing a future income for old age and increasing the ability to earn money through perseverance.
During the era of the Great Depression in the 1930s in the West, many banks and insurance companies started distributing pamphlets on these ancient laws of thrift and wealth through parables written by George S. Clason. In 1955, a collection of them was published as ‘The Richest Man In Babylon’ which went on to become an inspirational classic.
The first of the Babylonian secrets for achieving personal wealth was ‘’ start thy purse to fattening ’’. This was accomplished by taking a part of what one earned- not less than ten percent – and claiming it as one’s own. This money was usually kept in a purse tied to their waists. The purpose of this ‘purse at the waist’ was not simply to save money but to act as a money magnet assuring its owner financial serenity as it grew fatter. When the purse grew too heavy a part of the money was then transferred to a bigger savings chest and was used for acquiring further assets or lending or trading. But a portion of the money always remained in the purse to attract more. Babylon’s richest always kept a fat purse close by as physical proof of their prosperity.
I have an uncle who keeps a wad of at least a hundred notes of rupees five hundred denomination in his trouser pocket. He is a businessman and somehow money seems to flow to him at all times. So creating a money magnet is a fabulous psychological ploy to achieve financial security if you are worried about money. A money magnet is not a savings account, it is in addition to that. You keep your money magnet close at hand so that you can ‘see’ your prosperity – hold it or count it as many times as you like. It is not intended for buying groceries at the supermarket. You need some money that is completely yours so the existence of the money magnet is to be kept secret. This way you will always feel abundant without spending that money. It is a terrific reconditioning tool to teach us that abundance must occur in our minds before it manifests in our lives.