Humour and satire have great potential to bring visibility and foster critical thinking on gender equality issues. Seeta & Geeta is a collection of nine stories, and a humourous attempt to help end gender discrimination with spirited and thoughtful depictions of the inequalities women face in India. These nine stories deal with nine different issues, most of which have been declared unconstitutional, but continue to exist and thrive, such a child marriage/gauna, dowry, female infanticide, love jihad, acid attacks, dark skin bias, body shaming and virginity rituals.
This is a satirical take on the unique desi feminist issues that are still prevalent in India and showcase some of the hindering customs that our ancestral forefathers have passed down. The overarching concept of  Seeta depicts the docile Indian girl who accepts everything that Society throws at her and blindly follows it, while Geeta depicts the new age Indian girl who refuses to be a doormat, questions illogical age-old customs, and embraces only what makes sense to her.
Seeta & Geeta shows the dichotomy that exists in our society today, the two faces of the Indian woman that exist even today.
About Lajja Diaries and Foundation: 
Conceived on the 2nd anniversary of the Nirbhaya case, Lajja Diaries is a platform that encourages discourse on Women’s Rights in India and across the world. “Shed the shame and share because real violence is in your silence” is what Lajja Diaries truly believes in. With this concept as the bedrock of the organisation, Lajja hopes to contribute in shaping new mindsets.
Lajja Diaries was expanded to Lajja Foundation to incorporate and amalgamate the online work with the off-groundwork of the NGO. Started in 2014, Lajja Foundation is an award winning NGO that has helped thousands of women over the years and has won several awards including Community Developer of the Year by IIT Delhi and Akshay Kumar.
Focusing on two pillars, i.e., income security and the right to live a life free from all forms of violence, Lajja envisages a society, where women, irrespective of caste, class and religion, enjoy full citizenship, earn a livelihood with dignity and generate wealth and value for all.
Lajja Diaries has campaigned around various issues, such as menstruation, false notions of beauty, sexism at work, and so on. Currently, the organisation is focusing on providing access to education and other amenities to young girls across the New Delhi/NCR region, as the country battles the Covid-19 pandemic.
The team at Lajja Diaries is driven by the conviction that listening to and voicing the stories of women’s personal battles is a very important step in the fight for equality.
Seeta & Geeta is inspired by real-life incidents and is an attempt to give a voice to the women of India, and we hope that these stories in turn inspire many more girls and women to come out with their struggles and stories.