Renowned astro-numerologist and founder of NumroVani,
Sidhharrth S. Kumaar shares with The Sunday Guardian general predictions for the year ahead, as well as a little about his life and work.

The arrival of a new year brings with it plenty of hope. This is especially true of the year 2022. After the two tough years that humanity collectively faced, we are all eager for some respite. Renowned Astro-numerologist and founder of NumroVani, Sidhharrth S. Kumaar, joins The Sunday Guardian to share general predictions for the year ahead as well as a little about his life and work. Excerpts from an edited interview:
Q. Hello! Please describe your practice and the various services you offer.
A. I am an Astro-numerologist and healer who has done proprietary research in astrology, numerology, sound therapy and energy healing. I aim to make the study of occult sciences at par with evidence-based sciences and a part of our lifestyle. My brand NumroVani was developed to bridge the contemporary world with that of occult sciences.
Under this brand, we assist companies in achieving sustainable business growth by leveraging the power of both occult sciences and contemporary science. We do this by working on their corporate identity (company name, company logo, tagline), GTM Strategy (brand/ product name, launch date, product tag line), employee engagement through personalized wellbeing sessions and culture fit assessments in CXO recruitment.
We also advise individuals in solving their real-world problems through a preventive approach towards optimizing their growth trajectory in life. We do this by advising on what would be a lucky name, new born baby name, lucky mobile number, lucky email address, career stream selection, preventive approach to health, marriage compatibility, stock recommendations, wedding date, wedding décor colour and other customised queries.

Sidhharrth S. Kumaar.

Q. Since the pandemic, what has been your most requested service?
A. During the pandemic, people were most concerned about how to feel better during these difficult times. We leveraged our own proprietary research of personalized crystals and sound therapy for mental wellbeing, and assisted over 5000 people with this problem. The second biggest issue was worry for financial conditions. Again, we worked with over 100 business founders and assisted them with ways to keep their businesses sustainable and profitable.
Q. Please tell us about your training in this field?
A. For occult sciences, I have been trained by my ancestors. My first guru was my great grandfather. On his advice, I lived in isolation for 15 years, away from public interaction and spent my time reading, researching and analysing the subject. I also have a Bachelors in Pharmacy from Alwar Pharmacy College and have worked with start-ups, MSMEs and MNCs in corporate strategy functioning. My education and skills of the modern-day scientific world and the occult sciences have given me the unique capability of having both worlds meet. I am also a member of the ‘Complementary Therapists Association, UK’ and one of the founders of the Global Alliance of Numerologists (GLAON), India.
Q. Please share a few recent client testimonials of how you have helped people.
A. A Resident’s Welfare Association based in Delhi reached out me during the second wave of Covid-19. The society had witnessed a spike in cases and residents were scared. One of the residents had even tried to commit suicide though later the person was saved. In this case, I designed a comprehensive program for each resident willing to be part of the initiative. This included sound therapy (6 mins of 741 Hz and 15 mins of 528 Hz daily twice a day) and binaural chanting of om and/or maha mrityunjay mantra. The wellness regimen also included some numeric healing codes to enhance the efficacy of sound therapy. Four in five of the patients showed significant improvement in the quality of life within three weeks of therapy. The remaining patient took eight weeks to show improvement associated to personal life trauma.
In another case, a couple reached out to us for their only son, who was brilliant in academics. He was preparing for UPSC exams and would do wonders in mock tests, but was unable to deliver in the real exams. This led to an adverse impact on the health and behaviour of the child. For them, I designed a personalized wellness program for the student to help him overcome his fear and nervousness of the exam. He was successful in cracking the UPSC within 18 months of getting in touch with us. He is now serving the nation and still uses our recommended regimen to manage his work-life balance.
Q. Please tell us about your unique Zero Numerology format?
A. Based on my own research and the guidance of my great grandfather, I have innovated a new numerology-based system called ‘Zero Numerology’. I have also authored the book ‘Zero Numerology: Birth Order & Human Psychology’. It is available on Amazon Kindle and talks about the impact of our birth order on us.
Q. Please share your predictions for 2022 based on your Astro-numerological practice.
A. Numerologically, the year 2022 is primarily ruled by the planet Venus. The year will be impacted by the Moon excessively, and also by Mercury, Rahu and Saturn. The year 2022 also has three hidden angel numbers – angel number 20 talks about having patience and strength when nothing seems to be working; angel number 22 talks about keeping a balanced outlook through the year; and angel number 202 encourages and motivates one to work towards achieving their goals and aims.
Here are my predictions for the year:
People will become enthusiastic about investing in luxury and comfort
The real estate sector, especially luxury villas, will see a boost this year
Stock market, cryptocurrency and gold will shine during the year and new records will be achieved
There will be remarkable achievements for India in sporting events
Automobile sector in the luxury segment will see a boost this year
There will be an increase in inflation and shortage of essential items in India
The year will witness extreme summers and unpredictable rains especially in West, North-West and South-West parts of India
There is likely to be an increase in emotional issues among people and society’s balance may be compromised during the second half of the year
An increase in cases of suicide, especially in rich affluent classes, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are highly likely
There will be scuffles along the internal and external borders of India
The year will also witness some tragic incidents related to air, water and earth like earthquakes, tsunamis, water borne diseases, and an outbreak of skin diseases especially in the latter half of 2022 and the first half of 2023
Q. How can people reach out and consult you?
A. One can reach out to me through my Facebook page @sidhharrth, on Instagram @sidhharrth9 or email on I can be consulted face to face as well as through online consultations.

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