The loud and clear message that any responsible business can send out now is that we are together in this difficult and trying time and will fight the global epidemic as one.


Some words that seem to be resonating across every country and business today, in the wake of the COVID-19 virus outbreak, are “postponed, cancelled and closed”. The usually busy and teeming places such as restaurants, bars, gyms, etc, now sit empty even as people opt to work—and workout—from home. Everyone is overwhelmed and consumers are naturally looking up to leaders to focus on the greater good—and not on business alone for business sake. The way forward currently is to eliminate boundaries, share know-how, collaborate, and acknowledge that this is not just affecting the economy but the lives and psyche of every individual on planet earth.

Recently, a group of entrepreneurs created what is called the coronavirus #generositychallenge. The initiative aims to encourage businesses to give back to society in these testing times and join hands by showcasing their generous side. The learning here is that true leaders are those who give hope in this uncertain scenario and inspire others to do the same. It is time for companies and leaders to foster confidence in our communities and do our bit in helping alleviate fear and confusion.

At Sarva, we are doing this by ensuring that our customers continue to take care of themselves through live sessions run by our instructors to help build their immunity. We are conducting live sessions on our social media handles which are not only open to our patrons but to the society at large to join and benefit from. The overriding message here is to flatten the curve representing the spread of the virus and work as a key ally in contributing to building a better world and aiding healthy individuals who can combat any disease without factoring in our bottom lines or measuring our profit margins.

While it is important to be cognizant of the sentiment present across the world today and ensure that we take precautions, it is also critical to channelise our energies in the right direction. This can be done by avoiding panic and taking one step at a time to accept the situation by doing so we will be able to find peace within us. In today’s context organisations have a larger role to play to contribute to the larger good – by acting responsibly, understanding how the situation has a larger impact, and spreading positivity. As much as it is important to prioritise prevention, the need to raise a wall against similar health threats in the future and building our immunity cannot be underscored. As Lao Tzu, said, “To a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.”

No one knows how long it will take for the disease to come under control or for how long we must practice social isolation. But what we do know is that that robust mechanisms are needed — for the health and well-being of people as much as businesses. Start by addressing your staff and customers. You may not have all the answers, but you can give clarity on aspects like ensuring workplace hygiene and sanitation. Encourage customers to ask questions and have clear responses in place to assure them of their safety

To ensure the safety of our customers in the wake of COVID-19, we’re following all precautions at our studios if people choose to continue to attend classes. Whilst yoga is a no-contact workout, we are also bringing together those who want to continue their fitness regime at home instead of visiting the studio through live yoga and daily gratitude sessions by our instructors. The idea is to ensure that we tide over this public health crisis as a community by building our physical response and immunity.

More than the virus, the thought of being infected is causing immense distress at the moment. Keeping yourself safe and clean is crucial. This includes avoiding stress and panic since both weaken the immune system – after all #StrongerImmunityStrongerYou. While we’re doing our best to ensure hygiene and maintain a physically active lifestyle, there are a couple of things you can do to build immunity and strengthen the physical system. The virus becomes extremely dangerous when your immunity is very low.

The loud and clear message that any responsible business can send out now is that we are in this together and will fight as one. Let’s remain super positive and do things that we never got to do all this while: read, cook, binge watch, spend time with family and more. In tough times it’s important to tell the people you love that you care for them, have quality conversations, practice self-care, and be hopeful.

The author is the founder of Sarva/Diva Yoga


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