‘The book is a journey, that begins with daydreaming and curiosity.’


New Delhi: A Vibrant Autopsy is a book of poems by author Sanah Singh, published by Locksley Hall. Following are excerpts from an interview with her:

Q: Why did you choose to title the book as “A Vibrant Autopsy”?

A: I belong to a family of three generations of doctors and in a way, “A Vibrant Autopsy”, is a spiritual post-mortem that is meant to cut through layers of social conditioning that has deadened us from inside.

The book is a journey, that begins with daydreaming and curiosity. We ask questions, observe the world and learn from it. And our interaction with the world, makes us feel things. I believe the ability to feel is no small feat, so I’ve written poems honouring every emotion. I believe that all emotions need to be acknowledged—neither buried nor drowned. Through feelings, we act on the yearnings of the soul, and come closer to fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

Q: What defines your writing style?

A: I try to let the poems “come” to me. I don’t force anything when it comes to poetry. For me writing is liberating, it’s a journey towards the truth.

The poems might seem “naked” because they are written in a state of surrender, in a flow. I don’t believe that vulnerability is something to be ashamed of. I love honesty, and being honest means accepting the full spectrum of being human.

Q: What can a reader expect to find in the book?

A: The readers can find a book to snuggle with at the end of a long day. They can find that they are not alone with the soul-searching questions that ravage their minds. Whether they are celebrating life or coming undone, ‘A Vibrant Autopsy’ will have a piece everyone can resonate with.