As Rolling Stone writes about his music, and his singles spread messages of hope amidst the pandemic, Hukmani has his heart in the right place, and has embarked on a musical career that is five songs old.

The year 2020 changed lives. Perspectives. Even musicologies. As Rolling Stone writes about his music, and his singles spread messages of hope amidst the gloom of the pandemic, Vineet Singh Hukmani has his heart in the right place, and has embarked on a musical career that is five songs old.
In March 2021, he was among the motley crew of musicians to top the charts. Rocker, musician, singer, songwriter, and music honcho sat amidst pretty august quarters — right in the midst of the Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Chevelle and Bad Wolveson the Radio Tracker, DRT Global Top 50 Rock Airplay Chart for his Covid-19 inspired song to honour doctors, with a message of vaccination – Jab The World (which was at one time in March 2021 the 12th most played song in the USA). Before that was Dreaming Out Loud and Can I Go Now with a basic video with his twins Avni and Vir who incidentally also croon. Now, he tries his hand at hip-hop aiming to woo radio listeners with I PRAY this June 2021. Budget videos, simplistic strains with sounds from the 80s and 90s, I Pray adds yet another genre to Vineet’s music. Songs you can hum along, this surge of creativity has made his home his studio, as he hopes to bring out Turning Back Time in July this year.
The music executive who launched World Space Satellite Radio and Radio One –switched tempo from the corporate world of business to exploring new sounds and affirming ideas. Now steeped in inspiration, the music maverick’s latest single saw him take vocal and music coaching from American producer Sean Divine for “i Pray.”

“Sean Divine is an online producer and trainer. The learning with him was an eye opener as he is an expert in trap hip hop, amongst other genres. I am contractually obligated to do nine songs this year with my agent Martin Langford,” thus the singer promises a release every 45 day.
His first song in the trap hip-hop genre, again, is a message that resonates, “It aims to use prayer to fill hope and optimism into all our lives. Optimism is O2 for the soul. The song is an invitation to pray, a reminder to be grateful and a farewell to those who have passed in these turbulent times. The song pays rich tribute to all those who help others in need for such deeds are equivalent to ‘prayer in action,’” says Vineet, who realised that prayer is the most honest conversation one can have with oneself.
His tryst with creation and global radio began in early 2020 when he began to produce songs to target a mainstream world audience. “Now, I have a pre-planned song genre wise release schedule, a song every 45 days to build momentum in global markets and stay in the charts throughout the year. It’s a time-tested technique used by labels worldwide,” says Vineet.
Amidst the pandemic, in Jab The World, he crooned, “Respect for all the frontline workers,” which, after the recent incidents where doctors bore the brunt of irate families, is even more apt.
While Jab the World took a multitude of radio stations in the USA by storm with some playing the song over 20 times a day, it helped Vineet burst into the DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) TOP 50 ROCK RADIO CHARTS. These songs have been long coming – with a voice that has a distinctive touch – the tenor and depth is unmistakable.
”Nothing inspires me more than optimism. When the vaccine came, it was optimism in a vial and it got me on a spiral up of another level of optimism, wondering what it would be like to have a vaccine for ‘hate’ that made humankind biologically incapable of negativity. Covid united humanity in suffering, and it would be nicer to unite at much deeper levels emotionally too,” says Vineet.
Happy that a good song can make it all the way to mainstream acceptance on the other side of the world. I hope to use this learning to help other talented Asian artists target their English originals to a large global audience,” says the father of twins.
Earlier, his single ‘Dream in out Loud’ was number 1 on the ‘world radio independent top 20’ and number 1 on the European radio top 100!
“My agent Martin Langford represents me with radio stations worldwide. I am also genre agnostic. The first single  ‘Dream in out loud’ in 2021 was synth pop. The next song ‘Can I Go Now’ with my children’s band Avni Vir Vineet was Number 1 in the European Independent charts,” says a musician whose penchant to create music is not guided by norms but by mellifluous notes and faith restoring messages.
“Harnessing the power of global radio that allows 9 billion people to discover new music is critical to have your music heard and for it to climb the radio charts. This starts the cycle of discovery leading to Youtube and digital streaming momentum,” he adds.
Onward to more music, and creating an impact, for Vineet, it’s composing song in all genres of radio — contemporary pop, adult contemporary, rock, hip hop, Latino pop, etc. Latino would be great, with that all-encompassing message!
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