Skin care has become one of the most important daily activities. While it is a common concern for women, it is equally important for men to properly take care for their skin as well. Time is changing and it is an era where everybody should look good and feel better. Men’s skincare routine is comparatively easier and less complex than those of women. They have to follow a basic skincare routine everyday to look charming and fresh. It’s time for men to opt for skin care too as exposure to sun everyday makes their skin look dull and fade. A man’s skin is thicker as compared to women.

As we know that sebum production is greater in males as compared to females which makes their skin more vulnerable to skin conditions ranging from acne, extremely dehydrated skin, dullness and shaving ingrowths. As pollution is increasing day per day it’s affecting the skin’s ability to retain moisture levels which makes skin flaky, rough and tight. These days almost all the skincare creams contain harmful chemicals, which in turn give instant results but in long run damages the skin. So, a better option is getting groomed through natural treatments in skincare has become an essential part of the personality of any man.

Dr Naresh Arora, Founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics, provides some of the best skin care tips for men.

Always use face wash according to your skin and facial texture. Aloe Vera based Face wash stands good for Dry and dehydrated skin whereas Pine apple face wash takes away excess sebum from your Oily skin.

For Blemished skin having Patches, Scars and Spots, Use Neem Tulsi Face Wash.

More Important aspect of skin and facial Regimen is to apply Skin Toner after Face wash and then follow up with SPF 10-20 Moisturizer/Sunscreen, preferably made with natural ingredients like Rose Water and Aloe Vera extract.

For those men who have oily and acne prone skin can opt for creams having this secret ingredient called benzyl peroxide. It is best suited for oily and acne-prone skin, as it unclogs pores, kills zit-causing bacteria, and exfoliates dead skin cells. 

Men always confront with the problem of getting cuts and burns while shaving; In order to avoid this problem apply an alcohol free aftershave with vitamin C content in it. It reduces the chance of redness and burns.

Cleanup for men is a real must. After every three months of interval, men should go for cleanup. It cleanses the skin and removes blackheads.

Last but not the least; everyone should take 8 hours of beauty sleep. It not only gives skin’s cells time to repair itself but also make you look fresh the other morning , plus no dark circles and panda eyes.

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