Dheeraj Dhoopar is a popular actor who is a part of many Indian television shows.  Also, a certified fashion designer, he likes to style himself according to the season. As the monsoon has arrived, the actor advices you to go an extra mile to keep the germs and bacteria away during the rainy days. 

Depending on our skin types first and foremost if to keep sipping on luke warm or room temperature water. Not with a purpose of quenching thirst but to keep ourselves hydrated. This also controls excess secretion of oil.

A face clean up (Not a facial) one in every month will keep the pores clean and will help the skin to breath during monsoons.

Use home face packs such as multani mitti and rose water in case of oily skin and multan mitti and milk cream for dry skin.

The best way to maintain a good and balanced skin is to workout no matter what. This not only helps in keeping the skin clean via perspiration but also makes us feel good and confident.

Finally and most important, please keep away from oily and junk food during monsoon.

Monsoons are the worst when it some to hair and bad hair days happen regularly. In this case, oiling your hair once in a week is a must. Keep the shine in the hair and clean the scalp thoroughly.

Don’t wet your hair in the rain very frequently.

If applying products, please use branded and good hair products. These days market is filled with amazing hair products which will help you to maintain your hair during monsoon.

During a bad hair day one need not to worry. A cap or a bandana always comes in handy and if worn with the right outfit it looks amazing.

A nice hair spa every 15 days in a month will also help you to maintain your hair.

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