Kolkata based jewellery designer Radhika Jain showcased her unconventional jewellery collection for very first time in Delhi. Keeping the environment in mind, the present collection includes synthetic ivory and gold which is eco-friendly symbolises a non-violent beautiful sonar(gold) world where there is no terrorism, corruption and poverty.

The versatile designer who has label under her name ‘MiRA’ talks to Guardian 20 about her recent collection, she said “My latest collection Jardin d’Eden (Garden of Eden), features an array of bespoke pieces, from stunning body harness to necklaces, signature bracelets and earrings, making them perfect for any occasion, from engagements to weddings, birthday gifts, or sheer self-indulgence. It uses handcrafted fibres with metallic elements and like the original Garden of Eden; it aims to be the guilty pleasure for every woman.”

Designer known for its impressive but very wearable jewellery meant for all occasions. She adds the modern twist with hints of traditional designs in silver and assorted metals in her designs. She differentiates how her designs different from others in the industry, She says, “My designs display fabulous craftsmanship of the Bengali artisans with the intricate designs. Keeping the environment in mind, I used synthetic ivory, which was not only eco-friendly but also added to the charm of the jewellery and truly stood by beauty without cruelty. Each handcrafted piece makes a treasured keepsake that can be handed down through generations. It is my fierce desire to revive the dying handicrafts of Bengal and take them internationally.”

 Radhika Jain.

She also shares the story how she discovered her passion as a jewellery designer, she says, “I have always been a creative person with a yen for everything artistic and have not taken any formal training from any institute. I found my calling in life one summer, helping my cousin Milky design jewellery. I was so fascinated by the whole process that I decided I wanted to design my own creations. I used my creative skills to design pieces that were appreciated by all. That boosted my confidence and inspired me to take this profession seriously.”

Establishing herself in the industry was not a easy task, she says, “My first design was an earring made of pearl strings as I use to love stringing pearls in a variety of ways and use to do it myself as during initial days of my career I did not have any good craftsmen so I use to both design and make jewellery by myself. Then due to my passion and hard work in jewellery designing I was awarded Savvy Honours Award’ 2016 for excellence in designing and in February’ 2017 my design got selected to be showcased at Lakme Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2017.”

She adds, “I don’t get bothered about challenges, I just go with the flow so I like to keep calm find way and wait for the correct time without getting an anxious or losing heart.”

Eye-catcher pieces that aimed at the bold independent modern woman who is not only very contemporary in her choices, but is sure of her feminine and earthy side.

Talking about her patrons, Jain says, “My collection is meant for the women of today who aspire to be independent, creative and at the same time deeply feminine. The designs are meant for the women who are modern but at the same time deeply connected and appreciative of their roots and culture. I like to design jewellery for all age group and jewellery that can be worn for all kind of occasion.”

Designing jewellery is something that every designer enjoys, talking about her favourite ones, she says, “Whatever work I do are my favourites.”

On changing trends in the market, the designer says, “My Present collection is sustainable fashion. I like to create timeless pieces which can be passed on to generations, So my collection possess all these qualities and at the same time it is a good example of sustainable fashion as I have used the eco-friendly material. “

Jain also designs destination wedding jewellery where she has used semi precious stones of different colours. In her latest collection, she mostly used copper and brass plated with either gold or silver.

Every designer has some point of inspiration they seek for their creation. Jain says, “My creative instincts and love for nature and handicraft inspires me to design jewellery.”

For office-goers and college students who experiment with their daily jewellery—designer suggests that they can go for regular jewellery with styles like multi finger ring or choker type necklace which are sleek sober at the same time stylish.

After 5 years down the line where jewellery industry will be, the designer concludes, “I don’t think too much about the future and take things as it comes to speak about jewellery paradigm, artificial jewellery is going to take over real ones for sure as young generation are more fashion and style conscious and they want something new and different every day.”

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