By Akshat Bansal

Akshat Bansal, 26-year-old Delhi based designer uses an amalgamation of techniques to bring life to his vision of a literal world imbibed into one that is barely palpable—almost wooden. Snow cold mountains and the science of nature in a monochromatic appearance inspire the collection. The collection explores age-old techniques like tie and die and crochet, and creates a collection that remains androgynous at its core. Fabrics like chanderi combined with Italian crepes lend themselves to a seamless marriage between Indian techniques and fabrics onto western silhouettes. 


By Deepak pathak

With Integument, Deepak plays around with techniques like jacquard knitting and flock printing. Pathak uses fabrics like felt, wool blend, twill suiting and knitted net to create unique garments. The designer has worked with some biggest name of the fashion industry like Manish Malhotra and Sabyasachi Couture among others. The collection began as a reminiscent of ‘Bengali Fisherman’. The garment are draped, twisted and tucked with immaculate tailoring and clean lines in an uncultured palette of black and grey. The silhouettes are made of sinuous shapes, and the artworks are born out of nostalgia. 


By Sumiran Kabir Chawla

Anaam creatively uses silhouette generation techniques that involve a mix of draping and pattern making, to ensure minimum to zero wastage of fabric during production. The Delhi based designer Sumiran Kabir Chawla uses the fabric in his work are wool and wool blends. The brand has already been featured in various fashion magazines. The AW ’17 collection, Sonagachi represents an unstoppable, unbeatable army of warriors from the infamous district who march headfirst in flowy uniforms. Strong, fierce, nameless, ageless, genderless silhouettes representing the collective strength and a call for identity, respect and recognition. 


By Shenali Sema and Rinzin Lama

Untitled Co. specializes in designs driven by technique, and surface treatment creating wearable pieces of art. Shenali Sema and Rinzin Lama use several interesting embroidery techniques that are showcased across the collection. The collection is driven by embroidery techniques, surface treatments and fabric manipulation, creating wearable pieces of art that is reminiscent of Japanese printmaking. This collection comprises of treadle embroidered single stitch technique, cut-work and heat-set micro pleating on double softener washed grainy polyester georgette; and hand embroidered knotting technique on cotton mesh.

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