Rooted in confident aesthetics and a positive attitude, the 3INA vision is to inspire and challenge the one-size- fits-all definition of beauty. They share stories from all sides of the globe and take cue from the street; this isn’t about perpetuating an airbrushed myth of perfection. Simply put, it’s real. Colour is the language and the products are tools for individual self-expression. Designed to be experimented with, 3INA products are powered by premium formulas and innovative ingredients.

Beauty is bold self-expression, unabashed playfulness and daring spirit. 3INA (pronounced Mee-Nah), the European beauty brand, is all set to take on the Delhi market with its launch in the DLF Mall of India, Noida. 

3INA is a makeup brand that believes in the power of self-expression and that beauty is meant to empower and enhance, not distract or mask your true self. Congruent with its international sensibility, 3INA enjoys a global presence in eight countries. 3INA’s changing assortment of cosmetics is powered not only by innovative formulas and premium ingredients but also by a deep engagement with customers: 3INA is luxurious yet accessible, feminine yet real, original yet enduring. The European brand features an impressive selection of ParabenFree& CrueltyFree products across six categories: face, eyes, lips, nails, skin and accessories. 

3INADELHI launches with the UV Collection: Beauty Beyond the Visible. The collection features a range of UV activated products that have been designed to offer a cool alternative to take one’s beauty look from day to night seamlessly. Nothing screams creativity more than a look that’s both, subtle by day and fluorescent by night. The products include the Fluoro Eyeliner Pencil that is a severe black in the day and turns cobalt blue under UV light, the Fluoro Cream Shadow that is elusive by day and playful by night, amongst many other norm-defiant items. 

The launch saw India’s first ever UV booth where customers could try on the new trend makeup and click pictures in UV lighting to see the real effect. The UV collection explores the duality of the light and dark while expertly accomplishing a look that is fit for both, the corporate boardroom and the raging nightclub. The personality of the new range products gleams through its geometric, neon packaging that takes one back to the hedonistic time of the 80’s. 


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