The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with new trends hitting the market every few months. While some trends seem to stay on and get easily picked-up, there are others that end up as memes, appearing to be pushing the envelope to the far extremes. Though these growing trends are a clear indication of the industry breaking away from the traditional standard of beauty, some trends without a doubt are straight-up horrific.

Not to take away the fact that these trends encourage experimentation as Dr. Gunjan Taneja Gaur, Executive Director at ALPS Beauty Clinic & Academies, puts, “They not only embark the idea of experimentation but also illustrate the acceptance of the new by the masses. Once wavy eyebrows took off, it was only a matter of time before make-up artists and vloggers extended the squiggly trend to other parts of the face. In the past few days, Instagram has exploded with images of lips outlined in curvy patterns.”

2017 has seen some epic beauty trends so far with some going viral almost overnight. Of course it is frustrating to keep up with these fast-changing alternative beauty trends, but credit the beauty vloggers and beauty gurus on Instagram who keep us updated.

Komal, a beauty vlogger with the name MyHappinesz on YouTube told Guardian 20, “I think as a YouTuber whenever there is a new beauty trend I try it on myself in front of camera and share with my viewers my honest thoughts on it. The video also gives them a review of the same, plus there is a personal connect. Viewers also relate to it because they relate to the YouTuber.”

Instagram’s influence or an inspiration from YouTube, these trends are ruling the Internet from some time now. Guardian 20 brings to you a list:

Squiggle Eyebrows:

Feather eyebrows, split eyebrows, eyebrow stamps and now squiggle eyebrows! Brows especially seem to have caught the fancy of everyone from the beauty world with a new brow trend flashing up on our timeline every now and then, unless of course you are living under a rock.

Squiggle eyebrows, which literally look nothing better than a toddler’s best attempt at arts, was first created by a blogger-Promise Tamang- in April this year but has only been picked up recently.

For those contemplating if the trend can find clients in the real world, Gaur says, “Since, we are in a service industry, depending on the kind of clients we have, we can bring in such trends in real world too. As far as I believe, the new trends should always be tried at least once.”

The look can either be created by using a concealer to shape the brows or by using washable glue. In any case you can sport the snake brow, if you have the heart for it.

Squiggle Lipstick:

Another squiggly beauty trend that has strangely taken over social media is wavy lips. Intricately squiggled, the trend was created by a beauty YouTuber- Lexington. Inspired by the wavy eyebrows, Lexington created wavy lips with Photoshop. However, it hasn’t stopped beauty mavens from recreating their version of squiggle lips and share it with their loyal fans. 

And while the YouTuber had received mixed reactions for this bizarre trend, squiggle lips did manage to create waves and quite literally.

Squiggle Eyeliner:

The squiggle trend clearly has wiggled its way into the hearts of beauty gurus and wavy eyeliner is their recent obsession. However, the trend is a tad bit practical and definitely appears less bizarre. You can pair the wavy black line with false lashes and you are good to go.

The squiggle liner might be tricky for a morning application, but trust your skills for you have also mastered the art of applying winged eyeliner.

Hairy Selfie Nails:

Moving over the squiggle wave, Hairy Selfie Nails are the latest fad and will definitely make you go bonkers. Dain Yoon, a Korean visual illusion artist started the trend by carefully painting a self portrait on each of her nail that she completed by gluing hair to make them look like her miniature versions.

The trend to some gave an eerie feel and as expected was met with a strong reaction on social media. 

Braided Brows:

And when you had thought we are finally done away with consistently shaping our brows to match up with the latest trends, here comes braided brows. Created by a 17-year-old makeup artist Eros Gomez, the makeup trend to begin with was a result of Photoshop.

The trend like most other absurd brow trends has become a rage over the Internet. While most of the beauty experts are placing braided brows digitally over their natural brows, some have even gone to the extent of drawing them meticulously with the help of brow pencil and powder.

McDonald Brows:

A perfect response to bizarre eyebrow trends, McDonald arches brows are created by Huda Kattan of the famous Huda Beauty, an international cosmetic brand. You can replicate the look by erasing your natural brows with a concealer and begin by drawing a M-like design instead.

Started of a “joke” as the makeup artist had herself confessed, the trend was picked up almost instantly.

Glow-in-the dark hair:

Edgy and one of my favourites, glow-in-the-dark-dye is the latest obsession for people who are constantly on a lookout for an inspiration for their next hair colour.

Adding quirk and oodles of bling to your hair, the glow-in-the-dark-dye is created by Pixie Lott Paint, a dye company. You can further glam up the bright rainbow hues in your hair that have also been in fashion off late with these glow-in-the-dark dyes, for they also work on already coloured hair.

The temporary formula comes in six different dyes that includes fluorescent pink, fluorescent blue, graphite grey, silver shine, slate grey and black shimmer, which can completely fade away in 2-10 washes.


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