I think there are some things that never go out of fashion and it’s only more relevant now since the industry is currently witnessing a return of vintage/retro-inspired trends,” says Priyanka Borkar, a celebrity hairstylist. Fashion changes so quickly that after some time we have to revive the old ideas. Well, we cannot actually blame the trend as it does keep us clued into the past and helps designers reinvent the future. If we look at the entire kaleidoscope of retro fashion—from hairstyles to apparel to footwear to accessories—everything old is making a comeback, but with new twists tacked on.

“Some of my favourite retro-inspired looks include the very famous hairstyle called the ‘finger wave’—the style looks classy and chic and can never go out of fashion.  This could be tweaked a bit and be made to look contemporary. Where cuts are concerned, I think a bob is something that will never ever go out of fashion. Moreover, at the Fashion Runway International you would encounter a lot of short bobs. They look a bit messy and just above your chin. I definitely love the baby bangs too.” Borkar says.

The techno culture was born around the 1990s. It involved listening to techno music and flaunting bright oufits, which seem to be making a comeback.

“A lot of colours are making their way back in fashion. People are now inclined towards flashy vibrant coloured eye-shadows. It is like eye makeup with minimal accessories. Fluorescent neon colours are also back in vogue, whether it is the headband or the attire itself,” says Akansha Singh, a celebrity fashion stylist.

Singh believes that the iconic Marilyn Monroe-look is something that has never actually bid farewell to the fashion world. Starting from the red lip colour to Monroe’s famous wavy hairstyle to the bodycon dresses—all are here to stay. “Also, sharara pants have also been revived that were famous back in 2000,” adds Singh.

In terms of the footwear, flashy shoes have resurfaced and platform heels are the new trend we are now obsessed with. “The platforms seem to have found their own language and space.However, this trend dates back not just to the ’90s. Versions of the platform heels were called clogs and invented in the 1500s in Venice to walk around in the mud. The heel-less clog or platform that we consider avant-garde today were used by the nobles to walk around in with the help of an attendant of course,” states Maneka Harisinghani, a celebrity stylist.

She feels that everything red-coloured is already making waves, a throwback to the futuristic designs of high-end labels like Jil Sander and Givenchy. The ’90s trend of plaids and platforms also seem to be catching on. Alexander McQueen and Gucci revived the ’20s trend of fringes, which was widely considered an extremely bold move.

The fusion of the Indo-Western retro look is also being experimented with these days, with a contemporary feel to it. Recently, cold shoulder ethnic wear had also caught up with everyone’s fancy. Everything from anarkali suites to long-sleeved blouses were given tacked on with cold shoulders. Also inspired by Western retro fashion, there are new ethnic collections with slit sand corsets launched of late. Many celebs have been sporting the ethnic Indo-Western look. For instance: Madhuri Dixit in a slit salwar suit, and Ranbir Kapoor in an achkan fashion tuxedo.

Messy bob hairstyle with baby bangs.

Contemporary flair can never fail to impress the average fashion lover out there. Bollywood’s evergreen style diva, Rekha’s statement look in a kanjeevaram silk sari accompanied by heavy jewelry and a luscious, red lip colour, remains an example of a style that has always managed to evoke the nostalgia of the golden years of Hindi cinema.

For many designers, Maharani Gayatri Devi’s look, too, is a source of inspiration. Devi’s fashion sense stands out as a symbol of elegance and grace. The soft, pastel-colour chiffon sari accompanied by minimal makeup and a string of emeralds and pearls around the neck lend to Devi’s look a sophisticated flair. Indian culture surely has been contributing to the global fashion scene.

Vintage Indian designs through all the eras of fashion have continued to contribute in the current trend. And the classic bride-and-groom looks, inspired by the royal couple Jodha-Akbar, are a reflection of that. “Indian attire is still tied to its past regarding clothing and accessories from the royal medieval era,” says fashion designer Payal Khandwala. She believes that it is something we should be proud of. “It is because of our rich history that we have made a mark on the global platform. Sonam Kapoor wore an Anamika sari at Cannes’ red carpet in 2013, which was laudable. It was a pale-white coloured saree with trailing baroque-effect jacket styled with the nathni. I think that efforts like these can really make a difference as Indian vintage looks are appreciated all along when it comes to whole wide world,” she adds.


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